About Us

Zoo Info Tech is a full service of professional information technology firm and foundation,Many people see negativity of Bangladesh.But we seen Talent and Opportunities,so we made our career with information technology profession and foundation.

We are strategists, designers, producers and technologists who share a passion for creating great ideas and translating them into engaging user experiences, meaningful relationship with brand and consumer and we teaches those professional works to our students.we also provide free educations about informations technology which work as foundation.

Why we are doing professional works?

1.To build our career we are doing a work as professionally.

2.We choose it as a profession because I.T is our passions.

3.Its a way to prove our self with works.

4.we choose it as a profession to support our society.because only we could change our society and we know we could earn anyway,but our vision and mission not earning.It is we are creating a way where people can earn from online for their own.

Why we are doing Foundational work?

1.To make a unemployed nation we made it as a foundation work.

2.We provide free I.T. education because it’s helps one to earn money from online platform.

3.If money problem solve 98% work done for a nations that’s why we give our hand for young generation and I.T. education.

4.its a way to solve youth frustrations and poverty with knowledge,education & works.

What we do?

  •  we are an IT firm to develop travel technology and information technology.
  •  Our teachers focus on our professional courses and we work on it.
  •  We provide travel agencies GDS system,API,Search box and others tools and travel related website.
  •  You will get full system with IATA sub membership partners.
  •  We train people to develop career with travel industry and Information technology.
  •  Collaboration of all discipline is our culture.
  •  Adaptive and human centric UX & UI design.
  •  We deliver what we promise.

Our Mission:

  • Our motivation is we make our passion as a professions.
  • Our goal is to make I.T employment nation that’s why we open this I.T firm as a foundation.
  • Our aim to provide a professional guideline about information technology and remove unemployment from nation.

Have A Look On Our Projects 


Zoo IT

ZooIT is a full service of foundation,Institute and travel technology IT company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.We are strategists, designers, producers,develovers,teachers and technologists who share a passion for creating great ideas and translating them into engaging user experiences, meaningful relationship with brand and consumer.we teaches those professional courses which helps you to earn money.and most important part its free of cost, we provide free I.T education to remove unemployment from Bangladesh.We work for online affiliate marketing for many international companies and one of our precious client are OnlineBetInfo.comwhere they are happily paying us for their online marketing works.


Education is one of the most powerful weapons in fighting poverty.Our country is world’s one of the most populated country and job market are very competitive.So young generation live frustrated life after education when they are not getting proper value of them.Even after long year continue a job they are switching there job in different sectors.We find out the reason is creation value in market.But we believe everyone has the talent and Online is a source of earning and a platform to prove your self. zooFamily it’s a foundation of education,Wehre youth can learn about information technolgy and earn from this knowledge.And we provide this Information Technology (I.T.) education free of cost.Because its the most effective way to build a bright future from any where.You just need proper I.T. knowledge,Internet and a laptop.Our main goal to remove unemployment from nation.So if money problem solve 98% problem solve.Everyone can solve their problem, just they need your support, proper education and training.The side of free I.T. education we arrange various Help campaign.for details visit us.

 Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd. (ZooHoliday.com)

Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd. official website is www.zooholiday.com and we provide best prices for Worldwide Air ticketing, Best deal for Different Tour packages and Worldwide Tourist Visa Assistance facilities from Bangladesh. We always provide travel information and services via phone and social media and Email. We ensure to provide better services in a short time frame, which make difference to other travel agents. That’s why we are Top Travel Agent in Bangladesh market, Who has over 160 sub travel agents and lot of corporate. Our “corporate deal with various airlines” is very famous in Bangladeshi travel industry, that’s why Travel agents to corporate choose us.


Airways Office is a  information biased website where you will get all resources of travel and airways company’s informations .The idea came at 2016 from Mr.Luthfe Ali and his team work on it.We are ready to give service to the people for any information of airways office and travel related informations. Like airways office address, contact details and also Air ticket confirmation, booking, issue, reissue, cancellation and other problems solutions. Airways Office is the member of IATA since 2013.