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Bangladeshi Passport

The Bangladeshi passport is a passport issued to the citizens of Bangladesh for the purpose of international travel. The passport is issued by the govt. of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh or by any of its overseas missions to Bangladeshi citizens who are citizens by birth or by descent.

Machine Readable Passport (MRP)

According to a guideline of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), machine-readable passport (MRP) and machine-readable visa (MRV) supplying was started by the Bangladesh government in April 2010.

How to apply bd passport and information

  1. First, you need to collect MRP forms. Collect the application form from the regional passport office or from the website (Download the Passport Application Form from of the Immigration and Passport Department. (The collected / online application form from the website must be printed on both pages).
  2. Or apply online. (Only use online method for new applications)
  3. Please read the instructions mentioned in the application before filling up the application form. Attach required Papers/documents as per instructions.
  4. Attach bank voucher application form by paying a fixed fee of the passport to the bank.
  5. Submit the filled form to the concerned Regional Passport Office.

Types of Documents for Identification

1. National Identity Card of Bangladesh – provide the attested photocopy of National Identity Card. The copy should contain both sides of the ID card.
2. You may also need to submit a certificate, authenticated by a Ward Commissioner or Officers of Local Governing Bodies, determining your current residence if you no longer reside in the location your ID card mentions.
3. Submit a document detailing your profession.
4. If you’re a student, procure a certificate attested by the head of your institution. For a technical job-holder, submit your professional degree’s attested certificate. Also, submit a certificate from Human Resource Department of your working place.

Passport Fees

Type of application Delivery Type Fees in BDT
New applicant/ For hand written passport surrendered Express Fee (7 Days) 6000.00 + 15% VAT = 6900.00
Regular Fee(21Days) 3000.00 + 15% VAT = 3450.00
For NOC holder (With Express Delivery Facility) 3000.00 + 15% VAT = 3450.00
GO holders for Treatment, Hajj, Pilgrimage  (With Express Delivery Facility) 3000.00 + 15% VAT = 3450.00
GO holders for official purpose (With Express Delivery Facility) Free
Re-issue Express Fee (7 Days) (Except NOC/GO) 6000.00 + 15% VAT = 6900.00
Regular Fee (21Days) 3000.00 + 15% VAT = 3450.00
Extra fees for Re-issue of Expired Passport(Per Year) Regular Fee 300.00 + 15% VAT = 345.00


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