Money whitening facility from Bangladesh

According to the BEA estimate, Bangladesh has around BDT 5 trillion to 7 trillion black money. The finance minister has proposed a provision that will allow investors to legalize black money through investment in economic zones (EZs) and high-tech parks, with no question on the sources of the funds so [...]


TELETALK BULK SMS SERVICE BANGLADESH Bulk SMS Teletalk Teletalk provides bulk SMS service in Teletalk at a very affordable cost. Our bulk SMS gateway allows you to send cheap group text messages to bulk lists of cell phone numbers in Teletalk. It is a perfect solution for alerts, marketing or simply [...]

Top 10 google page ranking factors

If, as you should, you have a website and you want to rank in Google search results. While there are roughly 200 factors involved in the Google search algorithm, we here look at ten of the most important. Top 10 google page ranking factors 1. Keyword in the page URL. Using a [...]

Digital Marketing Training and Workshop Bangladesh

zoo Info Tech leading the Digital Markets, which is a process of using “virtual technology” including social media, PPC, SEM, SEO, Reviews & Backlinks, Content marketing & Guest Post, Affiliate Marketing, Email, and extra. “Digital Marketing” is not the only technology but also a technique that helps a business [...]

20 Freelancers who Made Nearly $10 Million

Recently they interviewed 20 Freelancers who Made Nearly $10 Million and the world's highest paid freelancers. They've made close to 10 Million dollars on just Upwork alone.During these interviews they revealed all of their secrets to getting high paying clients fast. We transcribed and edited the interviews turned them [...]

Top 5 Latest Information Technology in 2018

Top 5 Latest Information Technology in 2018 Information Technology is that the use of computers and software system to manage the information. Computers play the vital role in information technology. Technologies at the side of industries and markets have scaled new heights within the year 2017. It absolutely was smartphones, [...]