Rod prices up by almost a fifth in 1 year

The Rod prices, the main input material in construction, has gone up by around 20 percent in a year in the local market, raising costs in the construction and real estate industry, reports UNB. Rods or rebar is the steel bar or mesh of steel wires used as a tension [...]

Rod prices may increase by Tk 11,000 per tone 

The prices of rod may increase by Tk 10,925 per tonne as the upcoming budget has proposed to increase value added tax (VAT) and advance income taxes on different layers between production and sales of rod. Finance minister AFM Mustafa Kamal proposed to increase VAT and taxes in his budget [...]

Steel industry booming on mega projects

Bangladesh’s steel industry is going from strength to strength thanks to a construction boom and implementation of mega infrastructure projects, said experts and a study report. A decade ago consumption of steel, which includes mild steel rod, prefabricated steel and corrugated iron sheet, was 1.6 million tonnes and last year [...]

Listed steel manufacturing companies struggling

The listed steel manufacturing companies have been struggling due mainly to volatility in raw-materials and utility cost, depreciation of local currency, high bank interest rate, bleak condition in banking sector, competition from new entrants and slow implementation of government projects. There are seven steel making companies listed on the country’s [...]

Rod price falls on low demand, scrap price slump

In a surprise development, prices of mild-steel rod fell in Bangladesh owing to lower demand, the fall of raw material prices in global market.and the slow start of development projects in the first quarter of the current fiscal year. When the budget for the current fiscal year was unveiled in [...]

Rod Price going up in Bangladesh Market

The price of rods increased sharply with the new year compared to last year. It has already affected the construction industry of the country. Prices went up by over 40% to about Tk73,000 a ton last month from Tk 52,000 a ton the month before, according to the Bangladesh [...]