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Dokan Plugins 

Nowadays the e-commerce industry is getting bigger every day. Online business having it’s the best time now. both consumers and sellers are happy to shop/sell without any hassle and get the expected service easily. World wide shopping is also possible now for e-commerce.
Talking about the e-commerce industry, everyone knows that this particular idea is based on buying/selling things online, means on a website. So the thing is, if you want to start an e-commerce website, firstly you need a website. And it is not mandatory to mention that the maximum website on the earth is running and developed with WordPress. And with a WordPress site, to start building your marketplace, people also need Woocommerce to maintain their business. This is the point where the Dokan Plugins steps into the game. Dokan plugins is a tool, a multivendor plugin that makes your woocommerce store into an online market place. Where people can just register and start selling
Before Dokan Plugins, it was not so easy to build a woocommerce based multivendor store. In 2018, over $2.86 spent on web stores, around 3 million currently existing online stores, 1.8 billion purchased from the online store and 23% of yearly growth of the industry refers to the success of the platform.
Dokan plugins is the type of plugin that can allow you to participate in the race with less effort and easily.
Benefits of Dokan Plugins –

  • Super front end experience – Vendors of yours can have the experience of most amazing front end and can get full functionally from the dashboard.
  • Easy configuration – Easiest configuration makes it easy to configure by the preferences without needing a single line of coding knowledge.
  • Compatibility – Compatible with any woocommers themes, and it’s functionalities.
    Support – Best in class customer support to solve any of the problems in a very prompt manner.

Dokan Plugins subscription

1.Dokan – Simple Auctions Integration 1.5.5

2.Dokan – WooCommerce Booking Integration 1.4.5

3.Dokan eCommerce Theme 2.3.6

4.Dokan Pro eCommerce Marketplace Plugin 2.9.16 – Business

Per Pluging Only 05$ or 490BDT

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