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GravityView plugins are an extension of Gravity forms which is one among the foremost popular and doubtless the simplest plugin to make advanced forms for your WordPress site. It’s easily configurable, powerful, and also very easy to use.

But there’s also a drag with it. Gravity Forms only takes care of the back-end of your website. Meaning, it only helps you found out the forms then collect the info . It doesn’t, however, do anything to assist you then display that data on your website (for example, during a post / page).

This is exactly where GravityView fills the void. It’s an extension to Gravity Forms, integrating with the info it collects.

In short, with GravityView, you’ll take your Gravity Forms data then display it on your site, using one among the pre-defined templates. Those templates allow you to show that data into things like: staff profiles, resumes, job board, event listings, and more.

Also, to form the entire process quicker for you (both the info collection process then the airing of the data), you don’t even got to create a form via Gravity Forms. GravityView does that for you also .

GravityView Plugins Features
Let’s take a fast check out GravityView’s main features:

  • Entry Approval privilage makes you able to manually approve posts.
  • Highlight the newest and hottest entries. you’ll choose what entries are displayed first: the foremost popular, the newest , or whatever you think that adds value to your site. you’ll also allow the users to filter them by categories.
  • Reviews and ratings for the entries. Your users can add ratings and review each entry supported what proportion they love it .
  • Advanced search options. Your visitors can easily find what they’re curious about by using a complicated search/filter option (name, date ranges, who created the entry, “match any” or “match all”) and by sorting the tables themselves.

GravityView Plugins subscription

Gravity Forms Calendar 1.1

Gravity Forms Entry Revisions 1.0.2

Gravity Forms Import Entries 2.1.3

Gravity Forms Multiple Forms 0.1-beta.2

GravityView 2.5.1

GravityView A-Z Filters Extension 1.2.1

GravityView Advanced Filtering Extension 1.3

GravityView DataTables Extension 2.4.2

GravityView DIY Layout Extension

GravityView Featured Entries Extension 2.0.4

GravityView Maps Premium View 1.7.1

GravityView Ratings & Reviews Extension 2.0.1

GravityView Social Sharing & SEO Extension 2.0

Inline Edit by GravityView 1.3.2

Math by GravityView 1.2

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