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Did you recognize that the default WordPress search engine isn’t really that efficient (and awesome) just like the rest of WordPress?

Although the search is out there as a function in WordPress, it doesn’t search custom post types and taxonomies.

This means that if you’ve got a custom post type like “Book” for a review website, then the default search isn’t getting to look there.

Thankfully there are a number of awesome search plugins available in the market to assist you implementing a strong search solution in your WordPress site, with varying degrees of specificity.

SearchWP Modal plugin directly integrates with WordPress in a way you employ it. There’s also a full template loader inbuilt also , allowing you to completely customize your SearchWP Modal Search Form without any hassel.

Search E-commerce Products & Orders
SearchWP instantly integrates with products, looks for popular e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, BigCommerce for WordPress, and more.

Here is some features

Custom Field Data (metadata)
Index all content stored as WordPress Custom Fields including content from Advanced Custom Fields, CMB2, and lots of other popular custom field plugins.

PDF & Document Content
Index content from many document formats like PDF, Office, plain text, and more.

Unique Visitor Insights
Log searches to seek out out what your visitors are trying to find , and more importantly determine whether or not they found it.

SearchWP Plugins subscription

WordPress Plugin 3.1.8

bbPress Integration 1.2.4

Boolean Search 1.3.1

Co-Authors Plus Integration 1.1.1

Custom Results Order 1.1.3

Diagnostics 1.4.1

DirectoryPress Integration 1.6.0

Dutch Keyword Stemmer 1.2.4

EDD Integration 1.0.0

Enable Media Replace 1.0.2

Exclude UI 1.1.1

Fuzzy Matches 1.4.4

German Stemmer 1.0.2

Give Integration 1.0.1

Greek Stemmer 1.0.1

HeroThemes Integration 1.0.0

LIKE Terms 2.4.6

Live Ajax Search 1.4.4

Manage Ignored 1.0.0

Metrics 1.1

Polylang Integration 1.2

PrivateContent Integration 1.2.2

Redirects 1.3

Related Content 1.3

Shortcodes 1.6

Swedish Keyword Stemmer 2.0.2

Archive Priority 1.1.8

Highlight 2.1.14

Synonyms 2.4.14

WooCommerce Integration 1.2.2

Per Plugin Only 05$ or 490/=

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