zooIT (Information Technology) Company – Working with Travel technology & solutions. The company leading as well – Digital Marketplace with Information, Subscription, Products, Digital Marketing Service, Software, Website, APPS, And Development. We are a Foundation of Information Technology, who provides all kinds of information with blogs. We working not only in travel inventory and technology but also in digital marketing, online hotel advertising, software, and more. Our Digital Marketing is a process of using “virtual technology” including social media, PPC, SEM, SEO, Reviews & Backlinks, Content marketing & Guest Post, Email, SMS, and extra. Our digital subscription products are very popular in global markets. As well, zoo IT is an “Online Hotel Advertising” company, that works as a partner with Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia, and more. As part of the online travel community, we support B2B travel business & technology. Our team has more than 10 years of work experience with travel technology and solution. We are one of the top I.T. firms in Bangladesh that has a specialty in “TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY AND SOLUTIONS. As well our Top-selling items are WP premium, plugins, themes, extensions, tools, Travel API, Travel Search Engine, OTA, and more. Our company Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd, Airways Office, zooIT (Information Technology) company supports the financial activities of the “zooFamily”. Our profession is our passion!


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Our Precious Services

Travel Inventory and Technology

Through our proper “Project Training and workshop” a person can upgrade a career in Aviation Trade & Travel Industries. We are highly motivated to work with the Travel Inventory and Technology. Our B2B and B2C Online Travel Portal Development Solution is a comprehensive and powerful online-based booking system that works with PCC – API – Whitelabel – Scraping & XML solution. It helps the travel industries to go next level. Which works with “1 click solution” where a user can book or purchase an air ticket or hotel services without a travel assistant. For our demo: click here!

Website and Software

zoo Info-Tech leading not only digital markets but also developing Websites and Software. We working with the top 3 GDS (Global Distribution System) company which is a computerized network system owned or operated by a company that enables transactions between travel industry service providers, mainly airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and travel agencies. We are one of the top I.T. firms in Bangladesh that has a specialty in “Web, APPS, API”. Our top priority services are Travel technology & solutions. If you are interested to build a website or software then you may knock us. To know about our products click here!

Online Hotel Advertisement

zoo Info Tech is an online hotel advertising company that works as a partner with Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia and more. As a 3rd party, we build communication and development between Hotels & online booking platform. We do not charge for online hotel advertisements, as an aviation and travel industry community organizer we do many kinds of hotel development works. To know more Click Here!

Digital Marketing

We leading the Digital Markets, which is a process of using “virtual technology” including social media, PPC, SEM, SEO, Reviews & Backlinks, Content marketing & Guest Post, Affiliate Marketing, Email, SMS and extra. “Digital Marketing” is a technique that helps a business to get more customers and revenue. And the price of “digital marketing depends” on buyer’s expectations. So before place an order click here!

What Is zooFamily?

“zooFamily” is an online travel community of Bangladesh aviation and travel industries that working with the global B2B travel marketplace. In the travel business, there are two-part. One is “Travel Inventory” which means travel products and another is “Travel Technology” which means a web-based application or OTA software. The technology helps to make an OTA (Online Travel Agency) and an OTA system is connected to Airlines API, Travel Agents API, and Hotels API and software’s features. Where the software is connected with CRM data, accounts data, currency, payment gateway, markup policy, and more user interface. With us, you can develop your travel business not only locally but also global marketplace!

The community organizers have more than 10 years of work experience with the travel inventory and technology business. With our OTA service, a person could develop his/her career in the aviation trade and travel industries. Though our organizers are a few IATA  travel agents and zooIT – Information Technology company, but our Online Travel Community,  “zooFamily” is a NON-Profitable B2B travel business module. Travel-Agents, Airlines, and Hotels are part of our online travel community. And our community umbrella is a shade of unity, technology, information, and services.

Our training and workshop create value to develop your travel business and career. With us, Travel Agents, Hotels, Airlines can develop their own website, software, and APPS. Our company “Airways Office, Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd, and zooIT (Information Technology company) support the financial activities of the “zooFamily ” Online Travel Community. Our assistance provides all kinds of travel business services, solutions, and technology support.

Our goal to achieve the best travel deals and serve the online travel industry. Our search engine allows finding the best travel deals from many online travel suppliers, hotels, and Airlines. For Global standard maintain our organizer has taken 2 IATA (International Air Transport Association) membership. And the other hand our organizer zooIT- Information Technology company is a member of BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services). We believe the Travel business is a combination of travel inventory and technology. So “zooFamily” Online Travel Community stands for your online travel business support, where we serve more than “Airlines & Travel Agents”. Our passion is our profession! To know more – Click Here & join the free membership program.

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