How We Work ?

‘We are the Developer of Travel Technology and Digital Markets. We are working as I.T. firm with Developments, Digital Marketing and Travel Technology. The company founded in 2013 with Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd (A Top Travel Agent’s of Bangladesh Market) and Airways Office (An International Travel Blog). Now “zoo Info Tech” is an informative website, who provides not only information but also technical services. Our mission is to represent, lead and serve the Digital Markets and Travel Industry.’Our service is our passion.


Travel Technology & Service

In Travel Business there are two part.One is “Inventory” which means product and other is “Technology”. We support Both of part “Inventory” and “Technology”. If you need to development your travel or Airline business than let us know. We will highly appreciate to work Travel Technology.

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Career Development Courses

We provide career development courses and training.Which develop your working skills and career.Those courses provide you not only knowledge but also a resource of income.So why not you are joining our Basic and Advance courses! Our Basic courses are Free and Advance curses are paid.

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I.T. Support For Business

Our work and service is our passion, If you need SEO, Graphic Design, Email And Tele Marketing, Digital Marketing and Website Development for your business then let us know. We will highly appreciate working with you and your company. We provide exactly what we promise.

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Foundation Activities with Information

We believe online is a source of money and To earn money from online you need  proper I.T. education.We provide this education for free and this is our core of foundation.Our goal to make an unemployment nation and our post helps to gather knowledge and information.

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Our Mission with Foundational work:

Our country is world’s one of the most populated country and job market are very competitive. So there is a chance to lives a frustrated life after graduation, which is a vital issue to convert a person in a negative way. We believe everyone has the talent and Online is a source of earning and a platform to works. zoo Info Tech is an I.T. firm who provides all kind Informations without cost. Our main goal to remove unemployment from our nation. Thats why we build a foundation called by and this is an open source service catagory business platform. A service oriented person can open a store this website and can sell his service. And best part of this website: As a foundation we do not charge any commission to buyer or seller.We are trying to create employment and giving them an open source online platform. We beleive if money problem solves 98% problem solve. Everyone can solve their problem, just they need support, proper system, and training. That’s way we are connecting with foundational work.

Our Service is Our Passion…

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