IATA Maintenance Support for Travel Agents

If you are a travel agent, then you require IATA maintenance support. We understand the requirement and extant this service for travel agents.

Our zooFamily supports all kinds of IATA travel agents. You will get all types of IATA facilities from us! We will maintain your IATA related all work and for that, we charge you a yearly fee of 325$ if you are interested in our services then WhatsApp or call +8801678569292.

How do we maintain your IATA?

  • We will submit your yearly audit to IATA.
  • We will always reply to your IATA-related emails.
  • Our team will be your annual IATA assistant and maintain your IATA.
  • We are 100% responsible to maintain your IATA.

What is IATA Consultant?

An IATA consultant is someone who generally deals with travel bookings. There are travel and tourism courses in Dhaka that concern IATA training. In this consultant course, IATA training will be carried out for the final IATA certification at the end of the course.  The IATA consultant course is an advanced level course, while the IATA foundation course is a basic level course. This IATA course, one of the aviation courses, provides knowledge about airways tickets and related aspects and even helps travel agents expand the area of their business.

The successful completion of this course will open up travel and tourism career opportunities in distinct areas of the sector. The ones who already are working in the area have scope for advancement in their career in travel and tourism. The horizons for opportunities will widen and grant you experience in the different areas of the sector.

Civil Aviation

IATA Consulting can assist with the reform and restructuring of your national civil aviation sector as well as the establishment of adequate national and regional safety, security, and economic oversight systems. zoo Travel Technology can also assist with the setup an of accident investigation body and the effective separation of policy, regulatory and operational functions.

  • Restructuring, Development of Master and Strategic Plans, and Capacity Building of National Aviation Authorities
  • State Safety Program Implementation
  • Safety, Security, and Economic Oversight Systems Implementation
  • Certification of Airlines

We have 10 years of experience working with IATA, so we provide this support with a yearly maintenance fee! For more information, WhatsApp or call +8801678569292.

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