is one of the pioneers of the online shopping giants. It is an amazing online shopping platform. You go to the website, look for your desired products, order them, pay for them and get it delivered to your doorstep. Yes, this is actually this much simple.

However, as a third world country, Bangladesh seems to have fewer facilities than the developed ones in such kind of platforms. You can not have Amazon prime from Amazon in Bangladesh. Sometimes you may face problems with e-bay as well. On the other hand, Aliexpress plays a decent role for Bangladeshi buyers. People can actually buy products from Aliexpress. Let’s see how can you can buy products from step by step.


Order From Aliexpress


Visiting The Website

Visit Aliexpress from your browser and sign in your account. If you don’t have an account just sign in with your Facebook or Gmail account.


Search For The Product

Now you can either search for your product in search option or you can browse the categories for the product.



See The List of The Desired Product

Now go on your desired product lists and check the comparison. There may be varieties of products and several price tags.




Selecting The Signified Product

Now click on your desired product from the list and the check the total description and the whole features.



Now select your specifications and check the price for the final price. You should also check for the shipping costs, ways and estimated time for the delivery. Now you can click on BUY NOW or you can click on ADD TO CART if you want to shop more. Both the clicks will lead you to a redirected.


Information And Details

If you have clicked on BUY NOW, it will go on a redirected page where you have to submit a few required information for shipping. After submitting the information, you have to save the updates and go for the next page. You can also save the submission as your default shopping address for future shopping purposes from



Confirmation Of The Product

After setting up your shipping address and saving the information, the website will let your review the product and purchase summary. After you review the product you can confirm the order of your product and go for the payment procedure.



Payment Procedure

After the review of the product purchase summary, Now you have to select a method for the payment. You can select the visa payment options from there. For Bangladeshi transactions, card usage can be tricky sometimes. If you don’t have the visa card you can also select the other existing payment methods.



Confirmation And Place The Order

After submitting the payment information, you will be redirected to the next page of confirmation. When you will click on the Pay Now button, the payment will be done and and your order will be placed. You will get a confirmation about your order. In the estimated time, you will get your products in your postal address. Mostly the aliexpress products will arrive at the post office. So, it is always better to check on the post office and submitting the address of the post office in the first place.

You can see that the aliexpress shopping is not much of a problem. You can just follow a few simple steps and you can buy your desired products in a short period of time. You can always shop for the first time following these simple steps.