GDS API integration for a Successful Expansion of Your Business Globally

Global Distribution System is an automated network that connects travel agencies and companies to Suppliers/aggregators for flights, hotels, vehicle rental, holiday packages, etc.  GDS stores the latest data of various suppliers, which strengthens the travel agencies to provide updated information to their customers.

GDS Integration offers a centralized reservation system for online travel agencies. It is an asset for travel companies to get services from different suppliers like hotels, airlines, and car rental organizations on a single platform. Through single GDS API integration, Online travel agencies can grow their business by reaching a wider audience.

As a leading API integration company, zooFamily has years of experience integrating services for airlines, hotels, car rental, bus, cruise, payment and SMS gateways, etc. zooFamily has a team of developers for exceptional integration services for all major GDSs like Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, and Worldspan.

Our satisfied customers are proof of our excellence in API integration for B2B and B2C travel portals, Flight API Integration and  Hotel API Integration. At Etraviax, we provide fully functional solutions for our multiple clients. We offer a broad range of services apart from GDS booking services. We provide a wide range of services in GDS software development.

How does GDS Software Function in The Travel Industry?

As a successful travel portal development company, Etraviax offers the best GDS Software development services for the travel sector. To offer excellent services to our clients, we build a network with GDS suppliers Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, World span, and Travelport. We understand that excellence is the only key to success for business in a competitive industry. Our GDS software offers that excellence for our B2B and B2C clients. We have benefited from multiple online travel agencies, travel companies, etc.

We empower our clients to allow multiple flights, hotel car rentals, and holiday packages to be booked on their booking engine. At Etraviax, we offer a platform to book multiple travel services from major GDSs worldwide. Using API integration, our clients can market travel products of airlines, hotels, Low-Cost Carriers (LCCs), etc. The Global Distribution System is the best tool for travel agencies to market their business to the universal market.

A single platform for all travel services booking needs offers enormous convenience to end-users. Booking through GDS integrated booking engine provides travellers with real-time information. Further, it helps them in making their travel plans.  Whether a corporate enterprise or a traveller, GDS integration changed the meaning of travel for both.

The travel industry is growing, and the introduction of GDS software maximizes its contribution to the GDP. GDS software offers real-time inventory to travel companies and agencies, making it an Automated Reservations System.  From traveller management and revenue maximization, we take care of every detail while developing a travel technology solution for our clients.

GDS API Integration – Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport:

Flight API IntegrationAmadeus Global Distribution System

Gaining popularity in the travel industry, Amadeus is one of the powerful GDSs. Stretching its legs to many countries, it offers access to GDS content through the SOAP/XML interface. It mainly benefited travel companies, agencies, aggregators, distributors, and other travel service providers.
Amadeus online web services allow travel agencies to integrate content into their booking engine.GDS integration into an online booking system is a game-changing process for travel companies.
Through Amadeus GDS API integration, travel companies got the freedom to expand their business globally. They can retain and attract new customers by offering the best deals. So, Amadeus GDS takes complete control of your business like cost reduction and wealth maximization.

Sabre Global Distribution System

After Amadeus, Sabre GDS is the highest performing GDS but is a bit expensive. At Etraviax, we offer a travel booking system that consists of Flight API Integration, Hotel API  Integration, price availability, and payment policies. Sabre GDS integration in your booking engine makes this experience even better for you.
Sabre GDS software strongly supports offering end-users the best travel services and real-time assistance. With time, B2B and B2C travel booking portal Sabre GDS software, gaining popularity globally. Not only travel companies but also travel-related suppliers got the benefit of GDS. They have got a platform to market their services to customers.

Travelport Global distribution system

One of the major GDSs, Galileo, is a part of the Travelport business that offers a seamless booking system for flights, hotels, Car Rental API Integration, holiday packages, and much more. It also provides options like B2B and B2C dashboard management. Gives access to the database, Galileo GDS software development offers an advanced booking solution compatible with all devices. It takes XML API integration to connect with GDS.

Certified GDS Developer

We have a certified GDS developer; Our developer team has Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport certifications. With your budget, we will implement your Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport APIs on your OTA. With us, you can get your desire GDS I’D or PCC. For ADM, we keep a deposit of 200,000 BDT or 2000 USD. For details, Whatsapp +8801678569292


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