Hotel Reservation System

zoo  – Travel Technology Company  – The Hotel Booking Engine

zoo  – Travel Technology Company  Hotel booking engine helps travel agencies and Online travel portals connect with a wide range of Hotel Suppliers/Consolidators, access their inventory over XML interface, and offer immediate online booking and confirmation to their customer’s online reservations. Rezofy is a fully- customized, online hotel reservation software intended to provide the cheapest & best hotel deals around the globe. zoo  – Travel Technology Company’s hotel Booking engine is a flexible solution where several suppliers can be added simultaneously so that customers get access to the latest inventory of hotels across the globe. 

zoo  – Travel Technology Company  Private Limited provides a variety of booking engine solutions which includes:

  • zoo  – Travel Technology Company the hotel booking engine, is multi-lingual and provides support for multiple currencies. It has multiple search options that aid users in getting refined search results.
  • Travel agencies can define their hotel priorities, mark-ups or discounts based on supplier credentials and customer demand. In contrast, the customers get the desired information about the hotel, including the location, images, amenities, room types and rates, directions etc., all at the click of a mouse.
  • Rezofy Hotel booking is available as an independent package or as a dynamic package functionality with a flight and car booking engine. zoo  – Travel Technology Company also supports combined search results (flight + hotel + car) and a single payment facility.