The respective company publishes the name of IPO lottery result proprietor on their official website. The companies need to take care of IPO result according to BSEC (Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission) rules and regulation. If BSEC finds any deregulation or corruption at the IPO result publication process of any company, it may ban the specific company from providing stocks or IPO in DSE and CSE in future. Consequently, it is not feasible for the companies to show nepotism or other forms of corruption to intentionally benefit different parties in the IPO draw outcome publication procedure.

IPO shares are offered by the new private businesses to raise funds for the needed fund. It’s sold in the primary marketplace. The two CSE and DSE permit shares to be sold by the private businesses through IPO in the industry. After the period that is given the IPO firm announces the name. So in this manner, a company capital through IPO chooses the winners to allot shares. Following the lottery, the lists containing the names of the winners are published on the official site of DSE or CSE and the online website of the business.

IPO Lottery Result ‘Winners’ listing comes from categories such as:

General Public

Non-Resident Bangladeshi

Affected Small Investors

DSE official website presents all DSE IPO Result.

Result Publication Process

Together with the publication of the result, the company publishes a refund warrant. In this warrant, the program for the allotment letters and reunite dictates is published. If any candidate fails to collect the Refund Warrant or Allotment Letter at the specified time period of the business, the business sends them into the mailing address of the applicant in candidate’s risk. The business also publishes the name of the banks where the applicants should open a refund bank account to get the refund.

Ways to Have the Result

The IPO program issuing companies distribute shares through a lottery. The issuing firm arranges a lottery session to pick stocks to be distributed by winners. The winners are chosen from the candidates. For lottery to begin, the application needs to be more than the allocation of the company’s share.