What are API and its purpose?

API is an application programming interface. APIs used for a product or service rebranding with other products and services by the implementation as per its documentation. This can simplify by web development and show the data and book the product or service from the data. 

What is Flight API? 

Flight API allows – you to search and book GDS, travel agents, airlines data, and seats because of this A user can book a flight by your website. And you can make money as a travel agent, corporate or individual by implementing this solution on your websites.

What is Hotel API? 

Hotel API allows – you to search and book a hotel from the online hotel data. These Hotel APIs manage rates, availability, and a variety of accommodations that allow you to offer clients with best options. Hotel Booking API is used for making hotel booking through websites All data is connected with availability, supplier, type, and functionality.

What is Travel API?

Travel API is connected with travel services like you can book travel inventory and deals from different travel suppliers, for this reason you will get GDS, travel agents flight APIs, airline APIs, and hotel APIs — all suppliers are connected with API. With these API a user can book a travel Inventory, Airlines Flights and Hotel Rooms. the whole compactions of systems called travel API.

How do I get a travel API?

Here are some popular APIs that you can get those free or paid. Airlines never give a free API, because every API comes with a charge, where airlines need to pay that charge. In the other hand, it’s expensive, Travel Technology or solutions are included with API (flights, hotels, buses, trains, and points of interest).

If you need an exact airline API then you need to contact with zooFamily – Online Travel Community or The individual Airlines technical team. All kinds of travel API implement support provide by zooIT (Travel Technology Company), Which is an authorized technical team of Sabre, Travelport, Amadeus. Airways Office, Travelzoo BD Ltd, GDS, Airlines, Hotels, and zooIT supports zooFamily – Online Travel Community to build this OTA software.

What is OTA Software? 

OTA means Online Travel Agency. In a short an OTA software helps you to connect with your all the travel agents, Airlines, GDS, hotel booking, and airlines flight. An OTA software is very expensive to build api because API is very expensive to create the api link And to implement an API need well knowledge “travel technology” team. To know zooFamily OTA Software and its demo, click here.

zooFamily Flight + Hotel Booking API Price is only 499$

Travelport or Galelio API Integration Features And Integration:

Travelport is one of the most important global providers of travel products within the world and that they now offer the Galileo global distribution solutions system. Galileo is an application interface (API) that permits customers to create an interface like an internet site, connected to Galileo. The Galileo GDS API is often used for Airline, car, hotel, and cruise availability and booking.

Travelport or Galelio API Details.

  • Travelport or Galelio API will help your business increase revenues while automating processes
  • Reducing the time and energy required to finish an area booking.
  • Its purpose is to make the business easier with data and its programming.
  • Travelport or Galelio API help you to identify service fees, agency commissions and collect payments through your own virtual POS.
  • Travelport or Galelio API enables travel providers, travel agencies, corporations, and developers to look, share, buy and sell travel.

The Coding worked by Larvel Programming

zooFamily -Online Travel Community organizer is Airways Office | Travelzoo BD Ltd | zoo Info-Tech | Travel News BD. zooFamily comfort zone to work with travel API. With our OTA software travel agents, corporates, and individual person can earn money with the aviation and travel industry.

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