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10 Most Successful Small Business Ideas In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a rapidly growing country. It is among the next eleven emerging economies in the world. There are plenty of business opportunities in the country and small business ideas with low budget.

In Bangladesh about 40.3% people have their own businesses. Agriculture has over 40.6% people and rest 19.1% people work in Industries. Small businesses are very common in Bangladesh. People involved in all three sectors can open their part-time and small business as an extra source of income. There are few successful small business ideas in Bangladesh which are best for the local people who don’t want to invest a lot of money in their businesses.

Business can be challenging and there is always something you can choose to do. The business option list is long and it totally depends upon the individual on what business they want to get into. Bangladesh has a majority of people, who are into business and wants to grow.

These are few business options for those businessmen who want to start, change or do a part time business.

This is a list for small business ideas in Bangladesh.

Easily Available homemade food: Food is the first thing that can never go wrong and homemade food is the best option ever. People crave for home made good food and for the people from the working class would always prefer food from home on everyday basis.

1.Catering Business:

Like mentioned in the above point, food can never go wrong. Everybody wants to serve good food on any occasion. It can be any occasion, religious or business; if you know how to cook, it is the best option ever.

2.Bed & Breakfast:

Renting your property is one of the most common businesses now. Even if you have a small house, you can rent a room.


Everyone needs a good tailor, both men and women. If you have this talent, now you know how to use it. It is a profitable business to indulge in.


Teaching can be done as a part time work also. You just have to know your subject well and you can earn a good sum.

5.Small Bakery:

Bakery is an evergreen business. So many tastes and so many varieties. Yes, it is comparatively a little high in investments but it is worth it. The outcome is surely better.

6.Concept Photography:

The definition of Photography has changes today. It is more about talent and technology. You must have vision and could buy a good but cheap camera and you will see yourself building customers already.

7.Online Business:

Before getting into the online business, study the market. First know your interest and the markets demand. Online business is a very profitable business. Buy the things from the wholesale market and sell it online. The investment for the business is also not very high.

8.Gadgets Business:

The gadget market is a vast market. Unlimited gadgets, huge variety and the prospect buyers are ample. This is the smartest investment and business option. The gadgets you sell can be from a small budget and not very high brands.

9.Readymade garment Business:

If you can invest a high amount and you are willing to start a solid business; definitely go for a readymade garment shop. Start small, study market, fix customers and then expand.

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