Launch Schedule:Chandpur to Dhaka-and Dhaka to Chandpur

লঞ্চ সময় সূচী: চাঁদপুর–ঢাকা এবং ঢাকা–চাঁদপুর (Launch Schedule:Chandpur to Dhaka-and Dhaka to Chandpur) লঞ্চ সময় সূচী: চাঁদপুর থেকে ঢাকা-Chandpur To Dhakaক্রমিক নং লঞ্চের নাম ছাড়ার সময় মোবাইল নম্বর০১ এম ভি নিউ আল-বোরাক ৬.০০ মিনিট ০১৮১৮০০২০২৯০২ এম ভি দেশান্তর ৬.৪৫ মিনিট ০১৭১৬৫০১০৭৭০৩ এম ভি সোনার তরী ৭.১৫ মিনিট ০১৭১৬৫০১০৭৭০৪ এম ভি ঈগল-৭ ৮.০০ মিনিট ০১৭১১০০৮৭৭৭০৫ ঈগল-৩ ৯.০০ মিনিট ০১৭১১০০৮৭৭৭০৬ এম ভি রফ রফ ৯.৩০ মিনিট ০১৮১৮০০২০২৯ ০৭ এমভি-তুতুল  / তাকওয়া ১০.০০মিনিট ০১৭১১০০৮৭৭৭০৮ এম ভি বোগদাদীয়া ৮/৯ ১০.৪০ মিনিট- ০১৭১২৭৩৭২২৭০৯ এম ভি রাসেল ৩ ১১.০৫ মিনিট ০১৭১২৭৩৫৩০০১০ এম ভি রফরফ ২ ১২.০০ মিনিট ০১৮১৮০০২০২৯১১ আব-এ-জমজম ১.০০ মিনিট ০১৭১৪২৪৮৫৮৯১২ এম ভি মেঘনা [...]

Why Donate on Education ?

Our Mission with Foundational work: Education is one of the most powerful weapons in fighting poverty. Our country is world’s one of the most populated country and job market are very competitive. So the young generation lives a frustrated life after graduation which is a vital issue to convert a person [...]

Hotel Marketing and Online Strategies to Increase Bookings

Hotel Marketing and Online Strategies to Increase Bookings Now that the Internet has become such an integral part of our daily lives, hotel marketing strategies have primarily moved online. And that’s a very good thing for hotel owners. While print and television marketing require a sizable financial investment for a [...]

Online business is affecting the physical market place

Online business is affecting the physical market place! INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND This is the era of technology and online business is a part of modern technology. Any transactions and activities that occurs on the internet are known as online shopping hence business. It has no physical presence. It includes the sale [...]

Digital Political Campaign for vote in Bangladesh

Digital Political Campaign for *vote* Digital Political Campaign for vote in Bangladesh are avaible by and how we work to know that you need to talk with our experts.The Advantages of Online Campaigning Phone calls, door-to-door visits, TV and radio broadcasts and informational literature are the tried and true techniques [...]

Graphic Design

We live in a digital age and most official activities happen online. For the development of a company, there is no alternative to email marketing, social media marketing and video marketing. Our Digital Marketing Course is designed in the way you can easily comprehend the lessons and apply your [...]

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the promoting of products or services using digital technologies, in the main on the web, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and the other digital medium. Digital marketing's development since the 1990s and 2000s has modified the way brands and businesses use technology for marketing. As [...]

WordPress Development

Now-a-days, most of the websites around the world are built on WordPress. You can easily make a website using WordPress that you can’t do with the help of other languages like JAVA, PYTHON, RUBY and DOT NET. Our WordPress Development Course is designed in the way that you can [...]

Rod Price going up in Bangladesh Market

The price of rods increased sharply with the new year compared to last year. It has already affected the construction industry of the country. Prices went up by over 40% to about Tk73,000 a ton last month from Tk 52,000 a ton the month before, according to the Bangladesh [...]

Domain & Hosting Service

Domain & Hosting Service: Zoo Info Tech provides you with the best Domain Registration and Hosting Service, ensuring the utmost security. Our price is reasonable and all accepted. You can take our Domain Registration and Hosting Packaged for both corporate and non-corporate users. Our priority goes on Security and Affordable [...]