Training and Workshop

Apollo CORE

Learn the essentials of Apollo GDS including Air reservations.
Learn how to create a Passenger Name Record (PNR) in Apollo; sell flights; modify itinerary; perform basic pricing and fare procedures. Travelport’s cryptic formats platform for Apollo travel agents to create bookings, Galileo Desktop (Focalpoint), is used in this course.

Subjects covered:

Module 1: Get Started with Apollo
Learn how to navigate in Focalpoint; use Help and General Information systems; encode and decode cities, countries and airlines.

Module 2: Check Availability and Sell Flights
View airline timetables; access airline flight availability screens; sell flights in all classes and cabins; modify flight itineraries.

Module 3: Build a Passenger Name Record
Create a PNR (Passenger Name Record) with flight itinerary, passenger names, telephone contact, basic ticket data and optional fields; save the record.

Module 4: Display and Modify a PNR
Retrieve a previously created PNR and add information or make changes to passenger details.

Module 5: Use Fare and Schedule Display
Learn to use Fare and Schedule Display to check flight availability and available fares at the same time.

Module 6: Display a Tariff
Learn to use Apollo tariff display to look up fares for participating airlines that fly between North American city pairs.

Module 7: Display Fare Rules
Display and interpret a rule menu and category; display and interpret a rule summary and subject.

Module 8: Timatic Interpret and work through Timatic screens; to apply Timatic to your daily activities; learn formats and procedures; understand available resources.

+ Final assessment

Included in this course:

– 3 months unlimited access to your Apollo training
– 8 modules + 1 final assessment
– Free official Travelport certificate*
– Technical support

Additional information:

– If you haven’t finished your course within 3 months don’t worry, you can buy an extra month by contacting OTT at [email protected]
– All the courses and exam are online, there is no software to install, you only need internet access!

* OTT is currently the only preferred partner of the Travelport Academy. Our Apollo courses are created & updated by Travelport.
You need to pass the final assessment with 80% or above to receive the certificate. Don’t forget that you can take the assessment as many times as you need within your 3 months access.