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Best Logo Maker apps for Android 2020

There are many reasons that you need a logo for your brand, but today we are not going to get into these reasons. Rather we are going to tell you about the best ways in which you can make a logo. If you want to create an eye-catching logo design without any experience and skills in this field, then you can take help from the modern logo maker tools and applications. There are many logos making platforms available all across the web, but today we are going to list out the most workable and reliable ones that can help you create logos on your android device. 

Logo Maker – Free Graphic Design

This logo maker app belongs to the business section of CA apps and is readily available on the play store. This logo designer application is the version that is connected with It is one of the best android apps for logo making found in 2020, and this is all because of the best interface and easy use of this application. You can easily download this Business Logo Maker for free after installation you have to make an account with the tool to make quality logos for your youtube channels and business.

In this free logo maker android app, you will be given different business categories and over a thousand logo styles and template designs that would help you create your logo. You don’t only get free logo template designs, but you would also find font styles, logo icons and different backgrounds which would help your quality and personalized logo designing. 

Adobe Apps

Adobe is not an independent platform; you must know that it consists of more than dozens of inside tools that can help you in different aspects, including logo designing. The Adobe illustrator, adobe capture, adobe comp and other tools of the sort are considered to be best for making a logo on Android. You can create a bunch of artwork and turn it into a logo with these online tools. You do not need any experience to make a logo if you have these apps by Adobe. The complete package of Adobe would cost you around 50 dollars but if you are low on budget then don’t worry, you can always use the free and limited versions!


Canva is another graphic designing platform that exists in both cloud and application format. You must know that canva can easily be installed on your device from the android play store. It comes in three different packages, the first one is the free one, the second one is the monthly paid package, and the last one is the annual package. It’s up to you to choose the package which suits you the most. This logo maker application would also provide you with the best design templates and font styles that you can use to make your professional logo. You can also add text and images of your choice in the logo with the help of this application. This is a very solid application!


This logo maker application is another one that can help you in making quality logos all by yourself. If you don’t have any skills & experience in making a logo, then you should know that this is the best platform for you. This is a simple drawing platform for pixel artists and freelancers. This is a very simple application that would provide you with many easy to use features for designing a logo without any restrictions. This logo maker also has the auto-save feature with the help of which you can save your efforts and complete your logo whenever you want and in many turns!

Iris logo maker

A logo maker should be very easy to use and professional in its existence, and the iris logo maker tool is one of the decent and most formal tools available on the play store these days. This logo maker has many free and paid features that you usually find in common logo maker tools, but the special aspect of this application is that it helps you make stickers and add them to your logo design if you want to. The logo maker would provide you hundreds if not thousands of design templates and styles that you can use to create your quality logo. This logo maker has four versions, including the free one, so it is up to you to link with the one that suits you the most!

Logo maker by Shopify

This is another simple and free logo maker application that works perfectly fine on every android device. This is a free application but is no less than the most highly-paid programs available on the internet, and this is why users love it all across the globe. This logo maker application uses AI to create design templates for you, and you must know that you can keep on generating an unlimited amount of templates until and unless you are satisfied with the results!