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Brazil Visa From Bangladesh

                                   Brazil Visa From Bangladesh


Requirements (Tourist & Business):

Personal Documents:
When applying for a Visit Visa, the candidate must submit the following documents:

1. Online application filled and signed according to the other documents,
The identification pages of the Passport and the following documents must be scanned and uploaded to the online form.
2. One (1) photocopy of all information pages and original passport bearing at least six (6) months validity.
3. One (1) photocopy of National ID Card or Birth Certificate Translated & Notarized. (if in Bangla)
4. Two (2) recent Photographs, Passport size, with white background, up to six (6) months.
5. Individual’s Bank Statement for the last six (6) months and Balance/Account Certificate statement.
6. Individual’s Updated Income Tax Certificate Translated & Notarized. (if in Bangla)
7. One (1) photocopy and original of the recently paid Utility Bill.
8. Original and one (1) photocopy of the Police Clearance Certificate.
9. Hotel Booking in Brazil/Accommodation Information.
10. Two-way Air Ticket Reservation to Brazil.
11. Letter of Introduction and declaration of current status with the objectives of the visit.
12. The invitation letter received from the Brazilian company must be notarized in the same Jurisdiction of the Brazilian Company.
13. Bangladeshi Company Records (Company Memorandum, Trade License and Bank Statement)
14. Import Registration Certificate (IRC) & Export Registration Certificate (ERC)
15. Bangladeshi Company Tax Records (Updated TIN Certificate and BIN Certificate)
16. Pay order of BDT 9,600 from Banks based in Dhaka, in the name of “BRAZILIAN EMBASSY IN DHAKA”; One (1) photocopy of the Pay Order.


Processing the application may take up to 15 working days.
The submission of fake or forged documents/information will imply a ban of 10 years before the candidate can apply again.
Visa fees will not be refundable to candidates.
During the process of the application, other documents may be required.
(Please make sure that you bring all required documents before submission. Incomplete application file is not acceptable)

                                         About Brazil Visa

Visa Type: There are many types of visas available for Brazil, such as Tourist, Business, Student, etc.
We provide consultancy support for Tourist & Business visas only.

Visa Procedure (Tourist & Business):
All visa applications in Brazil are processed by the Brazilian Embassy. Applications are submitted on a walk-in basis To the Embassy. Applicants must submit their application in person or through a friend, relative, or agent. Additional fees can be charged if the application is submitted by a third party.

Embassy of Brazil:
The Symphony Building
4th floor, Road 142, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan 1, Dhaka-1212
Tel: (+8802)988, 7667 / 4158 / 1953
Fax: (+8802)5881, 3000
Email: [email protected]
Consular Section: [email protected]

Brazil Visa Assistance Address:
Happy Arcade Shopping Mall, 2nd Floor, Suite #34, Road #3, Holding #3
Dhanmondi- Dhaka 1205
Contact Us: +8801768232311, +8801978569293, +8801678569293
Email: [email protected]

Other Details:
Embassy Hour: Sunday to Thursday 08.30 to 16.00
File Submit: Sunday to Thursday 09.30 to 12.30
Passport and Document Collection: Sunday to Thursday 09.00 to 16.00