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Business Processes With Best Software

Business Processes

Redefine your startup by knowing the word ‘Business Processes’.

what is the best software to define Business Processes for your startup?

 Hearing the word ‘startup’ becomes so common today. From a student to a corporate guy, all are living in a mental space of starting a startup which will make them a millionaire. But according to a report, 999 startups out of 1000 startup gets failed during the first three years of their operations.

Few reasons are very known for this much of high failure rate, like lack of innovation, lack of funding and lack of motivation among the team. But there is one reason which nobody is talking about which is not giving a damn about defining business processes.

Business ProcessesBusiness Processes are something which covers the regular operation of all major attributes of a business like manufacturing, customer relation, financing, and HR, and by structuring a good business process model. You as an owner can get the idea of what important steps will lead you to the success for completing the particulate operation of your business. Thus, by making sure that every single operation of your startup business is completing smoothly, you can generate great products which will eventually make your startup successful.

  • What is Business Processes and what is Business Processes Management?

 Business Processes are a set of activity which will be performed by a machine or by a human in order to complete a specific goal of the organization. In a more general terms, a business process is nothing but the day to day core operations of a business, like delivering service to the client, making invoices and collecting payment, managing staff and their salary and many more. This is a very simple concept, but what matter most here is how a startup or business should manage its business processes? This question is taking us to the concept of Business Process Management.

Business ProcessesBusiness Process Management is the term used for making sure that all defined business processes of business are working fine. There are major four properties of Business process management are being used to improve business processes. Analysis of the business processes, modeling the business processes, executing the business processes and monitoring the business processes. In a more simple term, business process modeling is working as traffic police in your business which reduces the possible chaos among the day to day operations. To create a smooth path from beginning to the end and ensure that the time and human resource need to complete that process are as minimum as possible.

Bizagi modular is one of those Business Process Management suits which lets you to designing and implementing business processes. We will discuss Bizagi modular later in this blog.

  • Types of Business Processes:

To manage the Business Processes, you first need to understand the different types of Business process.

  • Primary processes:

Primary processes are those processes which are having a direct link with values of the business and the value chain as it deals with the cardinal function of the business. These processes include everyday operations of the business like delivering product to the clients. This is one of those processes which needs fast and reliable in order to get more business profit because this will make your startup strategically strong. Apart from these processes, a process named support process is also meant to be dealing with more precision planning and in a more timely manner.

  • Support Processes:

These are those processes of the business which does not add value in the business by delivering service to the client, but it is definitively useful for developing such an environment within your business which let primary processes to work smoothly. Support processes include management process, finance process, and human resource process. These are those processes which are essential for the internal environment of the startup business. In the case of clogged support process, the primary process gets affected on a large scale and the whole operation of the business can be shut down. This is why it is also vital for the startup business.

  • Management Processes:Business Processes

Like support processes, management processes are those which doesn’t add direct value to the business, but these processes are helpful for analyzing and monitoring business processes. When there is a need for knowing the status of the business and need of bringing innovation in, management processes become a boom for you. By using management processes, you can make your startup a brand.

  • What are the Problems of your businesses can be solved by Business Process Management?

  • Clogged processes

In order to get maximum business output, it moves halted alt free operation throughout all business processes. But because of a lack of management and human or computer error, it is very obvious that a business process encounters a sudden stop in between a start and an end phase. But if the business process management has been done in a proper way, then you can avoid this type of deadlock situationsBusiness Processes.

  • Duplication

In every business, there are some unnecessary business processes which are affecting the efficiency of the business. Also, by repeating a single process for multiple time can be resulted in time wastage and human resources wastage. With the help of proper business process management, these scenarios can be avoided.

  • Visibility

When person A is working on some process, then in a traditional working environment, for the Person B, it is impossible to know about the progress status of process which is being performed by person A. To avoid this, adopting best business process management suits can provide online visibility for all the employee for any product.

Creates Business process Diagrams with Bizagi Modular software 

Bizagi Modular is a freeware software which is useful to design graphical business processes which can be exported in many formats. Drawn models are stored in a database and then they are used at run time for process execution. It can be integrated with the databases of your business so easily. By using it, you can get a clear idea about which process, you have allocated more human resource than it is required. Also, it can also be helpful to create a process which will complete in so minimum time.

Business ProcessesBizagi modular is free to download. But if you want to use some of its very useful features for your business, then you have to pay them. Also, in Bizagi modular, there are a lot of icons used in diagrams. So you need a knowledge of all of them. You can learn about it through Bizagi’s learning program which is available on the website of Bizagi itself.


Here is the example of a business’s ordering process which has been created in Bizagi Moduler. It starts by creating a purchase order. Soon after, we have applied two conditions on it. One is in the case of order denial, the process is terminated. While in the case of order approval, there are two more if conditions. If the order has been confirmed, then in the terms of message, it will reach to the appropriate actor, and in the case of modification happen in the order, then it goes into a loop.


After knowing all about business processes and business process management, if you have made your mind to apply this concept on your startup to increase the efficiency and productivity, then here is the learning outcome of the blog in the form of a quick list you can follow.

  • Define what is the core goal of your startup.
  • Identify which department is facing problems in doing which operations.
  • Find the core problem in terms of the business processes.
  • Find the solution to the problem also in terms of the processes.
  • Apply Business Process Management (BPM) solution on it.