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Netflix Premium Subscription

Netflix Premium Subscription In UK

Netflix is a very commonly known word for all now a day. It is an American media site that can be used all around the world. On this site, we can watch whatever we want like TV shows and movies, documentaries, etc. It was founded in 1997 August. In these last 22years, Netflix had 148million members or subscribers all over the world. However, the cost of Netflix subscription plans in UK has been a subject of discussion and debate. We will discuss Netflix’s price in UK, its different subscription plans, and more.

Netflix Subscriptions UK | Buy Netflix at a cheap price from the UK:

A private and shared Netflix account is now available in UK. through Zoo Travel Technology, located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. We share a Netflix account at a cheap rate in the UK. Netflix has launched its service globally, And we share their account globally at a cheap price. We provide Spotify private or sharing in more than 130 countries, including UK. For the best support and service, we suggest you order a 1-year package, It is cost-effective. For International buying, we accept Paypal, Payoneer, Cashapp, and TD Bank transfers. To contact us click on Email | Facebook | WhatsApp

Netflix Subscriptions Plan: (User plan and Business Plan)

Plan 1:(user panel-setup by TeamViewer)- Monthly: £3, Yearly: £10 per user.
Plan 2: (Business plan- Netflix Id and password)- Monthly: £13, Yearly: £150 per panel.

Our Special offer going on: 

Buy one full yearly premium panel and get Spotify 3 month premium.

Yearly Premium: Full panel 5 screen  £150 – SAME ACCOUNT FULL YEAR (NO NEED TO CHANGE EMAIL-ID AND PASSWORD)


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We will provide id and password within 24 hours after payments. E-mail: [email protected]

Our UK Bank details:

  • Account Name: Muhammad Luthfe Ali
  • Account number: 38432764
  • IBAN : GB27 TRWI 2314 0738 4327 64
  • Sort Code: 23-14-70  (Outside UK)

Netflix Premium Subscription FAQ


Q1: Is it just a private account? Is it 4 screens?

A1: Yes, this is a personal account. Support 5 screens. HD

Q2:How long after you pay, can you get an account?

A2:We will give the account within one day by mail or WhatsApp because of the difference in time difference.

Q3:How long can this account last?

A3:We have 2  situations;

1–Monthly account 01 Screen per month $3

2–The scheme continues the same account(01 Screen) the whole year $30 FOR

Q4:Can a continuous 3 month or 6-month account for that 3 monthor 6 months last for 3 months or 6 month

A4:Of course, we will renew it every month.

Follow The Rules 

***If you change any account I’D or Password then your account will be terminated permanently, and no refund payable. so,

  • You Don’t change the password
  • Don’t forget the password
  • Don’t change the payment method
  • You Don’t change the email
  • You Don’t change the subscription
  • You Don’t share ID and password, If you share then you will face the error problem.


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