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It’s a tough job for anyone to get a full picture of the cost of roaming. We reckon that there is only one way to find out the best roaming solution: Compare all the providers and find the best one for your needs.

Compare Roaming Costs is an independent comparison site for international roaming Sim cards and roaming call and text charges.

With, you can find the right Roaming Sim for your individual needs.

We also compare local SIM cards for any country you are visiting.

If you travel frequently and don’t want the hassle of having a SIM card for each country you visit, look no further, help is here!


There are three types of Roaming Sim Cards by Great companies like Sims Direct


  1. Free inbound calls SIMs:

A few mobile phone companies do not charge anything for calls received when roaming, so get one of these SIMs and receive as many calls as you like. The mobile telephone number you get while using the SIM card is either from Lithuania, Isle of Man, so anyone who calls you is making a call to that country. However, you don’t have to pay to receive the call.

  1. Pre-Pay Roaming Sims:

With these cards, you do pay for inbound roaming charges, but still a lot less than your ordinary network provider would charge you. Typical cost to receive a call is only around 10p per minute. If you make a call, it is always via callback. When you dial a number and press send, you receive a call a few seconds later, which connects to your destination. Alternatively, a callback is activated when you send an sms instruction.

  1. Full Roaming Sims with the account:

These sim cards are not yet available; they are supposed to have a monthly subscription fee, whether you roam or not.

Good Advice when roaming:

For Roaming Services, there are many easy things to do before you travel to cut your roaming costs.

  1. Switch or re-divert Voicemail:

Switch off your voicemail before you leave your home network, or set it to re-divert to your landline at home. The cost to receive and listen to a voicemail abroad is the same as receiving a call abroad.

  1. Hang up and Redial:

If you get a call when roaming, it will often be cheaper for you to call them back. Explain to the caller that you are abroad, and it makes perfect sense.

  1. Get a local Sim Card:

Getting a local Sim card makes good sense if you often visit the same place. Remember that this means you have a local number in that country and that anyone calling your regular number will not get through to you. Oh, and in some places, you cannot get a local SIM card if you’re not registered as a resident!


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