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What is New2Crew?

New2Crew is an intense 4 week online video based course that will help get a job as cabin crew. World class training delivered by experts online

Who is the course for?

Anyone who realises that you need a plan, certain skills and some insider knowledge to get a job as cabin crew

Learn when and wherever you want

Start the course now on your computer or tablet. Spend as little or as long as you want. Every session that you complete will increase your chances of getting a cabin crew job

What you’ll get

Instant access to world class training on a state of the art virtual learning environment

All about us

The company was formed in 2007  by Kenneth and Pauline Park, two travel and tourism lecturers who realised that many people who wanted a job in the travel industry didn’t have the skills and knowledge required.  All of our courses and software are hand-crafted with love and care in Glasgow, Scotland.



Mondrago My Travel Teacher co- founders Pauline and Kenneth Park.

Since then 1000s of people across the UK, Ireland, Europe and North America have used our courses to learn about the travel industry and ultimately to help them get their dream job.

There are many online companies who promise you the world when it comes to travel industry training. However, ask yourself- just because someone has done a job, does that make them capable of creating good training? The answer is- probably not.

Why not choose a company who offer you it all? Not only have we been teaching travel and tourism for over 20 years (my goodness, that makes us feel old!), we are also experts in online learning and training. Although we have worked in a number of travel industry jobs it was (ahem!) a while ago, so that is why we work with those currently employed in the industry to make sure everything we do is totally up-to-date. We are also an SQA approved centre so you know the training we offer is of an incredibly high standard.

So if you’re looking for  up-to-date, totally cutting- edge training, developed by lecturers and e.learning specialists who know how to create courses that guarantee results then Mondrago My Travel Teacher is your solution.

But enough about us—let’s talk about you.

If you are someone who wants to work in the travel industry we can help.  Put really simply, we offer great -value, approved, interactive online courses that will give you a better chance of landing that dream travel job.

Our Customers

Over the last 9 years we are really proud to say that we’ve become the leading provider of online travel and tourism courses to colleges throughout the U.K and Ireland.  Below are just some of our customers.  Now you can do the exact same courses but at home, online, in your own time.



New2Crew is the world’s only video- based online cabin crew interview masterclass     



Tell me more…

  • Internationally recognised qualification
  • What cabin crew do go behind the scenes
  • Learn how airlines recruit
  • Understand why airlines will look at your Facebook profile
  • Complete a Facebook makeover
  • Build a LinkedIn profile that airlines will love
  • Complete an airline skills analysis
  • Beat the applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • Write an irresistible covering letter
  • Undertand the airline application process
  • Undertand what airlines look for on a CV
  • Get started with the online application form
  • Tackle the screening questions
  • Deal with the supplementary questions
  • Pass the verbal reasoning test
  • Impress on the telephone interview
  • Breeze through the video interview
  • Prepare for the assessment day
  • How to arrive at the assessment day
  • find out why almost every assessment day starts with the company info session
  • Deliver a dazzling self introduction
  • Stand out from the crowd during the group activities
  • Understand the types of tests you will take on assessment days
  • Take an offical airline maths test
  • Sort your basic numeracy
  • Master currency calculations
  • See how much your Maths has improved
  • Pass an official airline maths test
  • Take an official airline English test
  • Improve your literacy (English)
  • Learn what airlines are looking for during psychometric testing
  • Go behind the scenes with the airline recruiters
  • Shine during the afternoon group activities
  • Understand the 2 to 1 interview
  • Deal with behavioural questions that focus on customer service
  • Deal with behavioural questions that focus oncommunication skills
  • Deal with behavioural questions that focus on teamwork
  • Deal with behavioural questions that focus on the role of cabin crew
  • Deal with traditional questions that focus on the airline
  • Deal with behavioural questions that focus on initiative and adversity
  • Deal with behavioural questions that focus on career history and character traits
  • Deal with negative questions designed to put you under pressure
  • Take the next step and get the job 


This intensive step by step system is designed to give you an unfair advantage when you apply as a job for cabin crew. If we can’t seriously improve your chances of landing then job nobody can