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DSE launches electronic info disclosure system

The Dhaka Stock Exchange on Monday launched the electronic information disclosure and dissemination process for listed companies to ensure accuracy and transparency.The system will be introduced first on the DSE SME platform and later it will be incorporated in the main board of the bourse.

DSE director Xie Wenhai, who represents strategic partner, and  management made commitment that the whole information disclosure process on the market would be digitalised soon.

The system aims to standardise the information disclosure process, to make it more efficient, accurate, inclusive and far-reach to all the parties involved.During the process, structured information disclosure content would be automatically generated and stored.The bourse also launched a new index considering fundamentals, liquidity and total market capitalisation of 40 listed companies.

The DSE formally launched the new index, CNI-DSE Select Index (CDSET), a composition of 40 large capitalised companies, at its annual general meeting,officials said. The CDSET has been designed and developed by Shenzhen Securities Information Company, a subsidiary company of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

The index will be opened for all from January 1 on the homepage of DSE web site.The primary consideration of CNI-DSE Select Index is the fundamental financial eligibility.The eligible stocks must have sufficient turnover liquidity and have been listed for more than six months on the DSE.

The 40 companies include 11 companies from the bank sector (weight 32.59 per cent), 11 from the energy sector (weight 18.14 per cent), six from pharmaceuticals (weight 22.46 per cent), three from engineering, 2 each from food, cement, miscellaneous, non-bank financial institution and one from telecommunication.

The base date of the index is December 31, 2015 and the base value 1,000 points.The index will be re-evaluated in every six months.At the AGM, DSE chairman Abul Hashem said, ‘In the spirit of mutual development cooperation between the DSE and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange today (Monday), we have launched the CNI-DSE Select Index which represents the largest percentage of capitalisation.’

‘We have also planned to launch size-based indices like CNI-DSE Large-Cap Index, Mid-Cap Index and Small-Cap in the coming days,’ he said.

This strategic partnership indeed promises new and better collaboration between the DSE and the strategic investors, he said.

‘We hope further collaborative plans of the DSE and its strategic investors so that we can achieve a better future for the coming days,’ he said.

DSE managing director Abdul Matin Patwary said that  the SSIC had already completed historical data compilation, data dissemination, background knowledge sharing on current Indices.Based on these data analysis, Bangladesh Size-based Indices Methodology has been designed and developed for maintenance of  Size-based indices.

In accordance with the methodology, eligible constituents have been inserted system for launching of this Index, he said.The top 10 companies of the new index are Square Pharmaceuticals, Grameenphone, BRAC Bank, Renata, Beximco Pharmaceuticals, Pubali Bank, Lafargeholcim Bangladesh, Olympic Industries, Eastern Bank and National Bank, weighting 52.86 per cent of the index.

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