Emergency Info

Emergency Chittagong Fire Service numbers

An ordinary person should know something very important contract numbers. Emergency Chittagong Fire Service numbers are among them. Emergency Chittagong Fire Service numbers helps people in danger. That’s why we provided the Fire Service numbers to peoples emergency needs. Anyone from our list can find the most important Emergency Fire Service numbers. Which will meet the need for Fire Service at its urgent moment.

Fire Stations Numbers Are Given Below:-


Contract Number:-502275


Contract Number:-619575

3.Dock (Nimtola)

Contract Number:-502139


Contract Number:-670066

5.New Morning

Contract Number:-740854


Contract Number:-760333-6

7.Controll Room

Contract Number:-760333-7, 761006, 762280

8.Khulana Sadar Fire Station

Contract Number:-762173

9.Khalispur Fire Station

Contract Number:-761005

10.Daulotpur Fire Station

Contract Number:-762052