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Emergency Khulna Post Code numbers

An ordinary person should know something very important contract numbers. Emergency Khulna Post Code numbers are among them. Emergency Khulna Post Code numbers helps people in danger. That’s why we provided the Post Code numbers to peoples emergency needs. Anyone from our list can find the most important Emergency Post Code numbers. Which will meet the need for Post Code at its urgent moment.

Khulna Division Post Code numbers Are Given Below:-

District Thana SubOffice Post Code
Bagerhat Bagerhat Sadar Bagerhat Sadar 9300
Bagerhat Bagerhat Sadar P.C College 9301
Bagerhat Bagerhat Sadar Rangdia 9302
Bagerhat Chalna Ankorage Chalna Ankorage 9350
Bagerhat Chalna Ankorage Mongla Port 9351
Bagerhat Chitalmari Barabaria 9361
Bagerhat Chitalmari Chitalmari 9360
Bagerhat Fakirhat Bhanganpar Bazar 9372
Bagerhat Fakirhat Fakirhat 9370
Bagerhat Fakirhat Mansa 9371
Bagerhat Kachua UPO Kachua 9310
Bagerhat Kachua UPO Sonarkola 9311
Bagerhat Mollahat Charkulia 9383
Bagerhat Mollahat Dariala 9382
Bagerhat Mollahat Kahalpur 9381
Bagerhat Mollahat Mollahat 9380
Bagerhat Mollahat Nagarkandi 9384
Bagerhat Mollahat Pak Gangni 9385
Bagerhat Morelganj Morelganj 9320
Bagerhat Morelganj Sannasi Bazar 9321
Bagerhat Morelganj Teligatee 9322
Bagerhat Rampal Foylahat 9341
Bagerhat Rampal Gourambha 9343
Bagerhat Rampal Rampal 9340
Bagerhat Rampal Sonatunia 9342
Bagerhat Rayenda Rayenda 9330
Chuadanga Alamdanga Alamdanga 7210
Chuadanga Alamdanga Hardi 7211
Chuadanga Chuadanga Sadar Chuadanga Sadar 7200
Chuadanga Chuadanga Sadar Munshiganj 7201
Chuadanga Damurhuda Andulbaria 7222
Chuadanga Damurhuda Damurhuda 7220
Chuadanga Damurhuda Darshana 7221
Chuadanga Doulatganj Doulatganj 7230
Jashore Bagharpara Bagharpara 7470
Jashore Bagharpara Gouranagar 7471
Jashore Chaugachha Chougachha 7410
Jashore Jashore Sadar Basundia 7406
Jashore Jashore Sadar Chanchra 7402
Jashore Jashore Sadar Churamankathi 7407
Jashore Jashore Sadar Jashore Airbach 7404
Jashore Jashore Sadar Jashore canttonment 7403
Jashore Jashore Sadar Jashore Sadar 7400
Jashore Jashore Sadar Jashore Upa-Shahar 7401
Jashore Jashore Sadar Rupdia 7405
Jashore Jhikargachha Jhikargachha 7420
Jashore Keshabpur Keshobpur 7450
Jashore Monirampur Monirampur 7440
Jashore Noapara Bhugilhat 7462
Jashore Noapara Noapara 7460
Jashore Noapara Rajghat 7461
Jashore Sarsa Bag Achra 7433
Jashore Sarsa Benapole 7431
Jashore Sarsa Jadabpur 7432
Jashore Sarsa Sarsa 7430
Jhenaidah Harinakundu Harinakundu 7310
Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar Jhenaidah Cadet College 7301
Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar Jhenaidah Sadar 7300
Jhenaidah Kotchandpur Kotchandpur 7330
Jhenaidah Maheshpur Maheshpur 7340
Jhenaidah Naldanga Hatbar Bazar 7351
Jhenaidah Naldanga Naldanga 7350
Jhenaidah Shailakupa Kumiradaha 7321
Jhenaidah Shailakupa Shailakupa 7320
Khulna Alaipur Alaipur 9240
Khulna Alaipur Belphulia 9242
Khulna Alaipur Rupsha 9241
Khulna Batiaghat Batiaghat 9260
Khulna Batiaghat Surkalee 9261
Khulna Chalna Bazar Bajua 9272
Khulna Chalna Bazar Chalna Bazar 9270
Khulna Chalna Bazar Dakup 9271
Khulna Chalna Bazar Nalian 9273
Khulna Digalia Chandni Mahal 9221
Khulna Digalia Digalia 9220
Khulna Digalia Gazirhat 9224
Khulna Digalia Ghoshghati 9223
Khulna Digalia Senhati 9222
Khulna Khulna Sadar Atra Shilpa Area 9207
Khulna Khulna Sadar BIT Khulna 9203
Khulna Khulna Sadar Doulatpur 9202
Khulna Khulna Sadar Jahanabad Canttonmen 9205
Khulna Khulna Sadar Khula Sadar 9100
Khulna Khulna Sadar Khulna G.P.O 9000
Khulna Khulna Sadar Khulna Shipyard 9201
Khulna Khulna Sadar Khulna University 9208
Khulna Khulna Sadar Siramani 9204
Khulna Khulna Sadar Sonali Jute Mills 9206
Khulna Koyra Amadee 9291
Khulna Koyra Koyra 9290
Khulna Paikgachha Chandkhali 9284
Khulna Paikgachha Garaikhali 9285
Khulna Paikgachha Godaipur 9281
Khulna Paikgachha Kapilmoni 9282
Khulna Paikgachha Katipara 9283
Khulna Paikgachha Paikgachha 9280
Khulna Phultala Phultala 9210
Khulna Sajiara Chuknagar 9252
Khulna Sajiara Ghonabanda 9251
Khulna Sajiara Sajiara 9250
Khulna Sajiara Shahapur 9253
Khulna Terakhada Pak Barasat 9231
Khulna Terakhada Terakhada 9230
Kushtia Bheramara Allardarga 7042
Kushtia Bheramara Bheramara 7040
Kushtia Bheramara Ganges Bheramara 7041
Kushtia Janipur Janipur 7020
Kushtia Janipur Khoksa 7021
Kushtia Kumarkhali Kumarkhali 7010
Kushtia Kumarkhali Panti 7011
Kushtia Kushtia Sadar Islami University 7003
Kushtia Kushtia Sadar Jagati 7002
Kushtia Kushtia Sadar Kushtia Mohini 7001
Kushtia Kushtia Sadar Kushtia Sadar 7000
Kushtia Mirpur Amla Sadarpur 7032
Kushtia Mirpur Mirpur 7030
Kushtia Mirpur Poradaha 7031
Kushtia Rafayetpur Khasmathurapur 7052
Kushtia Rafayetpur Rafayetpur 7050
Kushtia Rafayetpur Taragunia 7051
Magura Arpara Arpara 7620
Magura Magura Sadar Magura Sadar 7600
Magura Mohammadpur Binodpur 7631
Magura Mohammadpur Mohammadpur 7630
Magura Mohammadpur Nahata 7632
Magura Shripur Langalbadh 7611
Magura Shripur Nachol 7612
Magura Shripur Shripur 7610
Meherpur Gangni Gangni 7110
Meherpur Meherpur Sadar Amjhupi 7101
Meherpur Meherpur Sadar Amjhupi 7152
Meherpur Meherpur Sadar Meherpur Sadar 7100
Meherpur Meherpur Sadar Mujib Nagar Complex 7102
Narail Kalia Kalia 7520
Narail Laxmipasha Baradia 7514
Narail Laxmipasha Itna 7512
Narail Laxmipasha Laxmipasha 7510
Narail Laxmipasha Lohagora 7511
Narail Laxmipasha Naldi 7513
Narail Mohajan Mohajan 7521
Narail Narail Sadar Narail Sadar 7500
Narail Narail Sadar Ratanganj 7501
Satkhira Ashashuni Ashashuni 9460
Satkhira Ashashuni Baradal 9461
Satkhira Debbhata Debbhata 9430
Satkhira Debbhata Gurugram 9431
Satkhira kalaroa Chandanpur 9415
Satkhira kalaroa Hamidpur 9413
Satkhira kalaroa Jhaudanga 9412
Satkhira kalaroa kalaroa 9410
Satkhira kalaroa Khordo 9414
Satkhira kalaroa Murarikati 9410
Satkhira Kaliganj UPO Kaliganj UPO 9440
Satkhira Kaliganj UPO Nalta Mubaroknagar 9441
Satkhira Kaliganj UPO Ratanpur 9442
Satkhira Nakipur Buri Goalini 9453
Satkhira Nakipur Gabura 9454
Satkhira Nakipur Habinagar 9455
Satkhira Nakipur Nakipur 9450
Satkhira Nakipur Naobeki 9452
Satkhira Nakipur Noornagar 9451
Satkhira Satkhira Sadar Budhhat 9403
Satkhira Satkhira Sadar Gunakar kati 9402
Satkhira Satkhira Sadar Satkhira Islamia Acc 9401
Satkhira Satkhira Sadar Satkhira Sadar 9400
Satkhira Taala Patkelghata 9421
Satkhira Taala Taala 9420

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