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Fashionable jacket to savour chilly winter

Winter is already here and the weather is gradually getting chillier. The air is getting chilly as the days pass by. A light fog is visible in morning and at night and soon enough it will be heavy. So people are getting ready for the winter.

But in Bangladesh winter doesn’t bring extreme cold like the one in Europe or American countries.P eople who live in the capital normally do not experience that much cold weather but in other parts of the country there is some cold, specially in Northern part of the country. The winter season lasts about a couple of months, but in that short period of time, we try to make the best use it. Today’s youths and children love to present themselves as fashionably as possible. Many keep track of the latest fashion trends. For fashion aficionados, winter is a wonderful time to buy winter attires and appear as trendy as possible.

There are numerous malls and brand clothing stores in Bangladesh. Nevertheless, there are some prominent shopping centres that youths just can’t resist visiting for their winter shopping. Fashion tastes differ from person to person. Some like to buy brand products, some tend to visit different shopping centres, while there are some who still prefer to get their winter suits made at their local tailor’s.

In winter youth like to wear jacket it comfortable and trendy and fashionable. Not only youth, the older one also like to wear jacket and that makes the dress universal choice. Many local and international brands bring verity fashionable jacket in our local market. Sailor, Gentle Park, many more.

Winter here bring up soothing pleasure because it is no extreme cold here. So from the extreme heat of summer, winter gives comfort, brings up festive like environment. Cats Eye here however makes it more festive, bringing up unique designed winter cloths. Basically known for men’s fashion house, Cats Eye’s dress is gorgeous due to the pallet and pattern. They have brought up trendy jacket, formal suit, blazer, trouser and sweater with different line up.