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How to make friends with an unknown person by social media

How to make friends with an unknown person by social media

Just send this text to your unknown person…

Hey, you don’t know me, but I was wondering if we could get to know each other’’. I just wanted to tell you: You have such beautiful eyes! In today’s world; we are being connected in many ways. But the attraction works like the same; like before.

It’s not been changed, some people still give the value of real taste. Which means they try to touch every relationship with the value! I am one of them and believe in relationships.

And I can promise you: you will not get any loss with my friendships. Because I am very concerned to maintain a relationship. So if you think: “we could make a friendship, I will maintain it like a garden…”

It’s important to keep quality people in life. Then everywhere we will get the quality result: personal life, business, career… 

If you like my way of thinking & definitely appreciation comes. Don’t hesitate to reply, maybe I could be your blessing person. All relationships start with the unknown to be known…

I liked your something, so I am writing behalf of my happiness. So what is your perception regarding my text? Your perception will encourage my interest to continue the conversations.

Thank You