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How To Start An Online Optical Business

Today, the customers have turned more of passive buyers. They shop mostly online than offline. Ignoring the queue, they like ordering with the convenience of getting everything at home. Online optical business is one of them, where people get huge variety, with occasional discounts on both high and low brands. It is one of the trending businesses right now. If you want to get into a similar business, it is important to know certain things.

Plan your business

Planning is the first and most important step in any business. It is important to know the structure of your business, how you want to plan it, the location, size, dealers, warehouse everything. You need to figure out the total budget, adding the staff, products, license etc.

There are so many types of frames available today, so list down what you want to include on your website. It is better to decide everything before.

Invest in the medical equipments that are required for frames that have power, you will need refraction unit, keratometer and other devices used in an optical shop. These are few minute things you need to count while making the plan.


There would be few legal licensing requirements that you would need to do before you can start. The licensing would be done according to the state you belong to. But, it is better to get done with the legal formalities.

Research Your Market and Competition

The best way to be different is to have different. Knowing and understanding the market you belong to is important. Study the market and the location you belong to, study about the stuff your competitors are offering.

Try and have huge variety and options for your customers. The frames you offer should be in trend and unique, so that more and more people choose to buy from you. Study wide range of websites and blogs to know more about the styles and fashion.

Find Dealers

You would need to find dealers who are ready to supply you at the least price or are ready to partner with you. It is important to have at least 4-5 suppliers and take quotes from each of them, so that you can buy the product at a reasonable place from one of them.

There are 2 ways you can deliver one is buy and store yourself and the other is drop shipping where the product will be directly delivered to the customer from the dealer.

There are so many manufacturers and dealers, so always look for the best product and negotiate. The best way to find good dealers is to research about them and their products.

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Budget Your Expenses

Prepare a budget, listing the prices of each equipment, products, marketing, the website cost or the app, advertising it, staff etc. There are so many things you need to put down on the list, it is very important know, where you are investing your money.

List down the investments and prepare a rough return on investment to understand the expenses better and to invest on the right things.

Market your business

Marketing is equally important; an online optical business would need huge marketing on all the social Medias. The advertisements that feature on the social media’s gather a lot of audience into the website, which is important for traffic as well as sales. Make sure you market your business well and reach huge audience.

Use local news papers or channels or even mails. You can market through texts for people who have registered, give good discounts, free products in the initial days, this will help to promote as well as gather good number of people on your website.