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Importance of JavaScript in Advanced Web Development

Have you ever noticed the pop up window when you’ve completed any web form and submit? The
fancy looks the website has? The amazing widgets? The flash content? We get all these features and facilities for JavaScript.


It is a scripting language which is far more complicated than HTML or CSS. It can be integrated with HTML. Nowadays it is a really vast and widely used language for web development. You can hardly find a website that doesn’t use JS. JS has widen it’s area and advancing in a faster way in need of technological aspects.



In short, JS is a language that lets the web developers design dynamic websites. Most of the dynamic behavior you see on websites possible for JavaScript, which also deals with the browser’s default behaviors.

JS is not only limited to client side scripting but then it has steps in server side scripting too that is NODE.JS (JS package for server side scripting) and it has the capability for server side scripting and creating real world applications. Over and all JS has vast popularity and use in web world and it is keep on advancing along with advancing web trend.

Security and Other

JavaScript has a vast uses. Other uses of it include security, forms validation, flash games and special effects. Mobile apps and server-based applications need JS. You can add JavaScript to a HTML file by adding these JavaScript code into your file’s header or body or wherever it needs.

How can i learn?

If you are an web developer and you need to go through web development and designs JavaScript is a must for you. There are plenty of online resources you can use for learn. You have to go through the articles and tutorials or you can take help from any experts and have an wonderful experience of better web development.

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