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JetSet ( Josh King Madrid )

Josh “JetSet” King Madrid

Josh King Madrid, better known as JetSet, is an American internet celebrity, JETSET LIFE HACKS author, Josh King Madrid On The Dropout Degree Show host, Millionaire Dropout artist, NFT Magazine founder, neuromarketer, NLP coach, public speaker and serial entrepreneur.

Josh Madrid is a Millionaire Dropout from UCI and made his first $1 million at 19. Since then JetSet has generated hundreds of thousands of leads and have sold over $20 million dollars in products and services online, with $10 million of that as a “Crypto Bro” inside of the NFT space in 2021-2022.

He writes for,, Fast Company Executive Board, Forbes Council and Rolling Stone Council.


Internet Celebrity

Josh King Madrid is an internet celebrity with nearly 1 million combined followers and was ranked as one of the Top Influencive Business Influencers in 2017.Josh Madrid is the founder of Team Jet Set, a movement of millennial entrepreneurs. He was formally known as JetSetFly on Instagram. In 2022, Josh changed his username to JetSet on Instagram.



Josh King Madrid‘s first book JETSET LIFE HACKS – 33 Life Hacks Millionaires, Athletes, Celebrities, & Geniuses Have In Common, was published in August 2022.

JetSet regularly contributes and publishes articles on NLP (neuro linguistic programming), neuromarketing, personal branding, internet marketing and NFTs inside leading business publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Rolling Stone and NFT Magazine.


JETSET LIFE HACKS – 33 Life Hacks Millionaires, Athletes, Celebrities, & Geniuses Have In Common

In JETSET LIFE HACKS, JetSet shares his 33 proven methods, that Madrid calls JETSET LIFE HACKS, that you can use to consistently create real tangible positive results and effortlessly overcome all challenges, create real-lasting generational wealth and improve your overall quality of life.

JetSet Life Hacks

The Art Of Frame Control – How To Effortlessly Get People To Readily Agree With You & See The World Your Way

In The Art Of Frame Control, JetSet shares quick and actionable Frame Control techniques that will show you how to effortlessly get people to readily agree with you & see the world your way.


Public Speaker

As a public speaker JetSet has shared stages with Eric Thomas, Andy Frisella, Tai Lopez and Naveen Jain, Peter Voogd, Alex Morton, Jason Capital and more. He has hosted and/or co-hosted over 100 in-person events in my career.


Josh King Madrid began internet marketing in 2016. He was previously known on Instagram as jetsetfly.

Family Life: Growing up, he helped his parents build an e-commerce business by fulfilling orders and packaging products. A constant businessman, he started his first business when he was seven years old – buying beanies from Alibaba and then selling them to his kindergarten classmates. His brother is TheBlondeJon, Tiktok star, musician and entrepreneur) is his brother. He has 1 sister.



Highschool: Vista Murrieta Highschool in Murrieta, CA and Paloma Valley High School in Menifee, CA College: University of California, Irvine in early 2017.