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‘Juttiwala’s new resolution in footwear fashion

Absolutely loved this gorgeous pair from Juttiwala. Quick order process and express delivery. The seller was patient and understanding enough to accommodate a size trial before confirming purchase! The jutti itself is well made, leather sole and padded insides. The finishing is impeccable.

Will definitely be ordering again!” Nadeen Najeeb Goni wrote in his review after buying shoes from Juttiwala.

“Very much prompt service and after service is nice as well. Their collection is lucrative and unique. I wish there prosperous Future and development,” another buyer Ishrat Jahan wrote.

Above stated comment is enough to give you the glimpse of what Juttiwala stores for you. There is an old adage: your shoes will depict your personality. The reason behind this is that when someone meets a person, he first looks at his shoes and tries to gain some knowledge about this particular person by seeing his or her shoes.

So your shoe has a big impact in your life. And Juttiwala can make your life.Choose a good and strong shoe for the any season to function day to night. With that in mind, choose your shoes carefully; a mere shoe can essentially make or break your day.

Wearing your best shoes might not be a good idea as the dampness might cause damage and deterioration. Choosing the right shoes, especially during this time of the year, is essential as it saves a lot of time and sweat not worrying about them while you are out and about.

Working women need to look fashionable and be on the run at the same time. While outdoors, avoid wearing flats shoes.

However, synthetic or water resistant shoes can be a good idea.Footwear in the capital is almost synonymous with Bata. It has a trendy collection. But Juttiwala sets its own trend in the market. For formal outings, heels and wedges in numerous designs are also available. The great thing about Juttiwala is that it never makes women’s shoes with fabric but thick, strong material. So you can have faith and buy their products as long as it’s not leather.Colour blocking is the trend now. Try anything of bright, solid colours in the season, it would lift your mood and also create a contrast with the cloudy weather, making you look trendy and fun.

With that in mind, choose your shoes carefully; a mere shoe can essentially make or break your day.Blending tradition with contemporary sensibilities, Juttiwala offers and exquisite collection of designer handcrafted leather punjabi shoes. Which are very comfortable, easy to wear and make you relax.

Preeti Agrawal Modi, the owner of Juttiwala promises to make it your life as they believe their collections would leave you in awe.