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Netflix price in Bangladesh

 Netflix price in Bangladesh

Netflix operates under a subscription model: A user pays a fixed fee every month which typically ranges between $8 to $12. In Bangladesh, consumers are unable to pay for the service in the local currency. so zoo Info Tech provides Netflix in Bangladesh. Buy sharing Netflix is cheap from Bangladesh. If you want to buy sharing Netflix then contact zoo info tech. Sharing Netflix Packages :

Interested in saving some money by sharing your Netflix account with your friends and family? Netflix doesn’t seem to enforce sharing accounts, but they do limit how many devices you can stream at the same time, from the same account. Our monthly charge is.

  • Basic: For 1 screen ( 299 BDT)
  • Standard: For 2 screen (599 BDT)
  • Premium: For 4 screen  (1199 BDT)
  • Special Offer: Yearly 1 screen (3499BDT)

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