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Opinion about the present education system in Bangladesh

The condition and quality of education system in Bangladesh are very bad and ineffective. But no nation can progress without quality and effective education. Honesty speaking, the quality education and development of any country are involved inseparably. So the maintenance of quality education is the burning question of Bangladesh. Unfortunately, there is no initiative to maintain the quality of education system in Bangladesh. A couple of Education commission was set up to bring positive change in education sector in Bangladesh. But recommendations of these commissions did not see the light of success. The quality of education is decreasing day by day.

The education in Bangladesh is mainly theoretical based and memory based. Here the students study for passing exam, not for gathering knowledge. One of the problems of our education is that there is no opportunity for flourishing creative power of the students. The student memories some selective questions answers and pass the exam. Well, but true education means gathering knowledge not passing exam. This method of education must be changed in urgent basis. Otherwise, our future generation will make up responsible for this. No effective method is followed in our education system. The same tradition system is going on years. As a result, no development has come to our society.

Forty three years have passed since we achieved our independence. But we could not bring ant=y positive chances in our education system. As a result, our expectation for development remained an illusion. We don’t give the students the time be fitted education. That’s why we can’t keep peace with the technology of modern world and lag far behind from the development countries. In Bangladesh we purchase luxury cars, we make beautiful palace which are visibly symbols of development. But these are like face powder development. The real development is in the development of education.

We are living in the modern world but still now in our education are following the outdated system. Still now the teachers enter the class with a stick, slop and flog the students severely at little matters. The quality of education is associated with the behavioral pattern of the teachers. The relationships’ between teachers and student must be democratic not autocratic. When the teachers enter the classrooms, they look very hot-tempered, the student became freeze with fear, and they dare not ask any question to their teachers. The environment of the classroom must be conducive to the student. The main responsibilities to keep the environment conducive go on the shoulders of the teachers.

Education system of Bangladesh is one way, that’s teachers are teaching in the class and there is no response from the students. But ineffective education system student’s role is active and teacher’s role is passive. In the class when a student can’t understand anything and asks more  questions to the teachers, then the teacher becomes angry with that student and sometimes scold saying you are a foolish, worthless, you need not study etc. In such dominating environment students get discouraged to study. And they can’t flourish their innate merits.

It is true that in every government education institution. There is always corruption and irregularities. Every the government sanctions a lot of money for the development of education, but the money absorbed illegally by the concerned minister and the authority  of the institution.In Bangladesh corruption is in every sector. Our sacred education sector is not free from corruption.

A lot of private education institution has been emerged around us like mushrooms. Though they are maintaining some quality but they are money centered.

Here have a look, the poor people and middle class people can’t afford to bear the expense of this private institution, and their children are deprived or quality education. The access to education is a basic right for every citizen. Education must be universal. But in the private universities there is no provision for the poor students to study in these universities. This inequality goes against the provisions of our constitution.

Moreover, the syllabuses followed in the education institutions in Bangladesh are not up to the standard and not designed for practical purpose.

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