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Students of Chandpur Medical College in soup

A number of students of Chandpur Medical College are frustrated with their academic activities as well as education life, as the college has been in need of a permanent campus since its inception.

According to sources, the college got the government’s nod and affiliation with Chittagong University in 2018. The process of recruiting teachers and admitting students began within a short span of time, without arranging a permanent campus.

Students are unable to pursue their education comfortably, as the lack of a proper campus has led the college to operate its academic and administrative activities from around 12 rooms on the 4th floor of the 250-bed Chandpur General Hospital.

Students said they have been suffering from lack of sufficient classrooms, residential halls, labs, full-fledged library, and lack of proper security, all due to the lack of a permanent campus.

The college admitted 50 students, 38 female and 12 male, for the academic year of 2018-19 with the approval of the Ministry of Health. Another new batch for the 2019-20 academic year is going to join the institution, which will increase the existing problems manyfold, according to the students.

Our correspondent recently made a visit to the 4th floor, where the medical college is running its academic and administrative activities, beside the female ward of Chandpur General Medical Hospital.

Several students of the medical college expressed their displeasure with the poor facilities of the college.Shakhawat Hossain Rahi, a sophomore of the medical college say that, The college started its journey with only 50 students. We are going through many problems due to not having a permanent campus.He also say that,We want a permanent campus as soon as possible.

Another second year student Fazle Rabbi say that,The college lacks dormitory and dining halls in even though it has been one year since its establishment. It does noteven have a sufficient number of chairs and tables. Moreover a new batch is going to join the college.which will create more problems.

Oyonti Rabbani a female student of the institution, saythat,I came here 11 months ago. Most of the newly approved five medical colleges have got their permanent campus.But we haven’t. Even the construction work of the permanent college has not begun yet.Though the college  has got the plot.

When contacted, Chandpur Medical College Principal Dr Jamal Saleh Uddin say that,We already received 32 acres of land from the government on the bank of Dakatia River in Sadar upazila. The students will get all kinds of facilities once the permanent campus is built there.

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