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Tea Imports by Country (Top 100 Countries)

Tea Imports by Country

Tea is the world’s 2nd most commonly consumed beverage after water, but its popularity doesn’t seem to fade. Although the majority of countries make their own tea, others rely on imports in order to meet demand. We will explore the data on tea imports from each of the countries in this article, as well as examine which countries are major importers, where they obtain their tea, and what factors affect their decision to import. The analysis of these data gives us the opportunity to find out more about global tea markets and better understanding what drives them.

Here is a list of the largest tea importers by country, according to the World’s Top Exports:

Rank Country Imports(US$)
1 Pakistan 596.48M
2 United States 531.76M
3 Russia 436.24M
4 United Kingdom 307.44M
5 Hong Kong SAR 262.14M
6 Germany 244.85M
7 Egypt 221.13M
8 Morocco 207.44M
9 Vietnam 192.21M
10 Saudi Arabia 188.86M
11 France 175.52M
12 Japan 174.07M
13 China 167.46M
14 United Arab Emirates 156.21M
15 Canada 141.62M
16 Netherlands 133.45M
17 Poland 124.56M
18 Iran 121.67M
19 Australia 108.55M
20 Ghana 102.71M
21 Malaysia 88.82M
22 Taiwan 88.08M
23 Italy 85.54M
24 Belgium 82.79M
25 Kazakhstan 81.73M
26 Chile 62.85M
27 Azerbaijan 61.86M
28 India 59.41M
29 Ukraine 56.53M
30 Spain 51.79M
31 Algeria 47.47M
32 Belarus 44.59M
33 Singapore 44.08M
34 Yemen 42.89M
35 Uzbekistan 42.84M
36 Ireland 42.62M
37 Türkiye 41.53M
38 Switzerland 40.28M
39 South Africa 37.56M
40 Sudan 36.10M
41 Sweden 32.03M
42 Czech Republic 28.96M
43 Mali 27.93M
44 Afghanistan 26.61M
45 Austria 25.53M
46 South Korea 24.89M
47 Denmark 24.89M
48 DR Congo 24.37M
49 Mauritania 24.29M
50 Nigeria 23.72M
51 Indonesia 23.02M
52 Thailand 22.85M
53 Iraq 21.66M
54 Gambia 21.44M
55 New Zealand 20.63M
56 Niger 20.26M
57 Norway 18.77M
58 Ivory Coast 17.91M
59 Myanmar 16.95M
60 Libya 15.43M
61 Sri Lanka 14.88M
62 Guinea 14.44M
63 Kenya 14.21M
64 Tunisia 13.69M
65 Jordan 13.38M
66 Qatar 13.30M
67 Kyrgyzstan 12.78M
68 Macao 12.18M
69 Finland 11.86M
70 Lithuania 11.26M
71 Latvia 11.20M
72 Philippines 11.03M
73 Hungary 10.49M
74 Cameroon 10.27M
75 Israel 9.96M
76 Mexico 8.77M
77 Moldova 7.36M
78 Greece 6.93M
79 Portugal 6.81M
80 Tajikistan 6.58M
81 Georgia 6.36M
82 Estonia 6.32M
83 Senegal 6.20M
84 Botswana 6.13M
85 Kuwait 6.03M
86 Oman 5.79M
87 Somalia 5.62M
88 Romania 5.00M
89 Peru 4.56M
90 Turkmenistan 4.18M
91 Namibia 3.94M
92 Mongolia 3.79M
93 Mozambique 3.78M
94 Slovakia 3.73M
95 Chad 3.63M
96 Luxembourg 3.54M
97 Bulgaria 3.52M
98 Lebanon 3.33M
99 Fiji 3.20M
100 Angola 3.15M

Lastly, our analysis of tea imports by country has provided a range of useful information on the global tea market. While there are lots of countries that make huge amounts of tea, many others depend on imports in order to meet demand. China is the biggest exporter of tea worldwide, with Pakistan being the world’s largest importer. In addition, we have learned that the decision to import tea from some countries may also be influenced by factors like taste preferencestrade policies, and production costs.

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