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The Seven Wonders of the World

The Seven Wonders of the World

More than 2000 years ago, the first seven wonders of the ancient world were listed. Since then, most sites have disappeared, apart from the Great Pyramid in Giza. A Swiss foundation launched an initiative to make a new list of the seven wonders worldwide and asked people to vote for them in 2000. When the results were finally revealed in 2007, there were both cheers and jeers because some well-known competitors, including Athens’ Acropolis, were left out.

Here is a list of The Seven Wonders of the World

1 The Colosseum Rome, Italy
2 Great Wall of China China
3 Taj Mahal Agra, India
4 Christ The Redeemer Brazil
5 Machu Picchu Cuzco Region, Peru
6 Chichen Itza Yucatan, Mexico
7 Petra Ma’an, Jordan

Lastly, the Seven Wonders of the World have triggered imaginations around the globe, inspiring awe and astonishment among humans of all ages. These magnificent structures are a sign of our humanity’s ingenuity and the ability we have to create long-lasting monuments to endure time. From the Great Wall to Machu Picchu, Petra to the Colosseum, these wonders represent a living connection to our history and an indicator of our species’ shared heritage. It is important that we keep these treasures alive and protected in order to make them available for the next generations, so they can be enjoyed and appreciated. The seven wonders of the world aren’t just beautiful and impressive engineering feats, and they’re symbols of human achievement and the power of human cooperation to achieve remarkable things.

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