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Top 10 google page ranking factors

If, as you should, you have a website and you want to rank in Google search results. While there are roughly 200 factors involved in the Google search algorithm, we here look at ten of the most important.

Top 10 google page ranking factors

1. Keyword in the page URL. Using a target keyword as a part of the page’s URL can act as a relevancy ranking signal, but the ranking impact is rather small.

2. Country-code top-level domain (ccTLD). A country code top-level domain is a domain with an extension pointing at the website’s relation to a certain country. (for example, .it for Italy or .fr for France, .ca for Canada, .bd for Bangladesh etc.). This helps you rank better in the target region. It is believed that having a ccTLD helps you rank better in the target region.

3. Keyword in the title tag. The title tag tells search engines about the topic of a particular page, which they then use it form a text snippet in a search. This appears to be less important than it used to be, according to a recent correlation study.

4. Image optimization. Alt text, the file name, title, and description are important ranking factors, especially for image search.

5. Content comprehensiveness. How fully a page’s content covers a topic, which is believed to indicate content quality and therefore makes the site more trustworthy.

6. Internal linking. These are links to other pages of the site, which tells a search engine which pages are the most important.

7. User-friendly layout and Page category: Google has launched a Page Layout algorithm that penalizes sites with distracting ads and annoying pop-ups.

A page that appears in a relevant category (which all sites don’t have) might get some ranking boost.

8. Site structure. Poor website architecture prevents search engine bots from crawling all the necessary pages of your website, which may hamper the visibility of the website in search results.

9. HTTPS. Sites that use HTTPS are ranked higher because they protect visitors more.

10. Page speed. Page speed is considered to be one of the most significant ranking factors, especially for mobile sites.

You must be careful about :

Mobile usability. With so much consumption done on mobile devices these days, mobile usability has become one of the principal factors for a website ranking.

The number of direct links. The number of domains and pages that link to a website.

Links from relevant sources. Backlinks from the sources relevant to the referred page are considered to be strong ranking signals.

As stated above, the Google search algorithm takes into account more than 200 factors when ranking a webpage. These 10 are considered to be some of the most reliable when optimizing your site for a search. And you must be careful few things like mobile usability, the number of direct links, link from relevant sources. If you follow those rules you need a very short time to get rank in google.

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