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Bashundhora City Complex

The First

Bashundhara City Shopping Mall is the most prestigious and experienced commercial conglomerate in Bangladesh today.and the second biggest shopping center in Bangladesh. It is the main current shopping center in the city, planned by the main architecture Mustapha Khalid Palash and Mohammad Foyez Ullah of Vistara.

Construction and structure

It is opened for the generals on 6 August 2004, the shopping center situated in Panthapath, close to Kawran Bazar. Bashundhara City is an 8 floored building complex covering a region of 191200 sqft including secured platforms containing retail spaces, Amusement Park, Movie theater, Gym, swimming pool and nourishment court and entertainment lounge with a 19-story Corporate Office of Bashundhara Group.

The vastness

The shopping center has space for 2,325 retail stores and restaurants and has a substantial underground recreation center, a multiplex film, a best floor nourishment court, an ice skating arena, and an amusement stop. There are about 2325 stores and about 100 food courts. The complete air-conditioned shopping center with housetop gardens is viewed as a cutting-edge image of Dhaka as a developing city. Bashundhara City is one of the biggest shopping centers in South Asia as well. 50,000 individuals visit here day by day.

Keeping pace with rapid economic and technological changes followed by the policy of Globalization, Bashundhara City has outspread its commercial activities within a short period of time and have been able to emerge as a promoter of international standard of business houses and industrial enterprises founded on the principles of engineering and financial integrity with a group of highly capable technical personnel and professionals.

It’s an amazing place to shop in Dhaka city. People come here not just to shop but enjoy sitting outside the staircase, hang around,  watch movies and go to the food court. This is very popular among the young generations. You will surely enjoy Dinning, movies and friendly atmosphere over here


Jamuna Future Park

A place for elegant shopping

Jamuna Future Park is one of the biggest shopping malls in Bangladesh. The biggest business giant Jamuna group is the owner of this shopping mall. This is an 8 floored multi-sectioned shopping mall. Mr. A J M Alamgir was the main architect of this huge mall.

Situated at

This huge shopping mall is situated over 33 acres of land the in Kuril, Baridhara, arranged on the Pragati Sharani, neighboring with the local locations of Dhaka city like Gulshan, Banani, Uttara, and Bashundhara. It is generally the workplaces of multinational organizations, real consulates, and different workplaces, shops and multiple stores. There are about 510 stores in this shopping mall.

Construction and Structure

The shopping complex is centrally air-conditioned and it has seven floors which were fully furnished. It has its own 45MW power plant and Wi-Fi facilities in almost in every corner. The underground lower basement and middle basement floor are reserved for parking and a few parts are reserved for a general store and a hypermarket. Level 1 is the base floor for all offices for live entertainment, melodic and design appears.

Starting from the earliest stage to the fifth floor, there are a few classes of outlets, non-marked shops, banks, online corners, and nourishment courts. The fifth floor has space for a youngsters’ amusement stop, a gym and a fitness club, two separate swimming pools for people, display corridors, meal lobbies, worldwide standard motion picture theater with seven individual corridors, a 22-path bowling alley, some pins back street with karaoke booth, and a melodic and entertainment floor. JFP is additionally going to have Dhaka’s second ice skating arena. The shopping complex is built with earth resistance according to Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) Zone 2.


The International retailers who are incorporated with JFP are KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Krispy Kreme, Lotto, Levi’s, Hush Puppies, Bata, Clarks, Raymond, Uniqlo, M.A.C, Manyavar, Miniso, The Body Shop etc. Local brands include Aarong, Yellow, Ecstasy and so on.

How to go?

You can go to the Jamuna Future Park by the Kuril Flyover which was opened in August 2013, from the two headings of the Airport Road or you can go from link road as well.  You can take a cab, call an Uber or use pathao, a local motorbike transport service to reach there. If you are tolerant enough you can also get on the local bus as well.


New Market, Dhaka


This is probably one of the oldest shopping places in Bangladesh. The market was set up in 1954 as a shopping complex, to take into account the necessities of the general population from the local locations of University of Dhaka, Azimpur, and Dhanmondi. The construction work and Development started in 1952, on 35 acres of land in the time of Nurul Amin as the Chief Minister of East Bengal. After two years the construction work finished in 1954.


In between, 1950’s and 1960’s, New Market was the most prominent place for shopping and additionally diversion. Curiosity, a frozen yogurt shop, was a standout amongst the most prominent goals of the young people. About in the 1980s, 3 all the more New Market squares were built on the north under Dhaka City Corporation, for instance, New Super Market for earthenware containers and crockeries, Bonolata for kitchen appliances, Chandrima and Gausia advertise for several categories of things and D block was basically for basic needs, groceries. Each of the blocks has more than a thousand shops. A recreation center inside has been changed over into a mosque at first-floor level with sixty new shops under it. The location is currently in just nearby Dhaka College. The complex is huge with several courtyards in different sections.

Shopping Experience

You can discover nearly everything here. From pieces of clothing, books, leather merchandise, beauty care products, shoes, home apparatuses, nourishment and foods and so forth is accessible here. Cost is really cheap yet you need to consider a considerable measure for it. It is mostly loved by the youth as a shopping place. If you are hankering for a chance to have Fuchka( a tasty food in Bangladesh) you can go to the shops situated at 4 doors of the market. Here Fuchka is extremely delectable. There are some fitting shops which are genuinely great. In the event that you need to appreciate shopping in Dhaka, New Market is your perfect decision.