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Travel and Tourism cloud workstation | Travel & Tourism cloud business support

Travel and Tourism cloud workstation | Travel & Tourism cloud business support!


Reduce call center costs and boost sales with a digital cloud contact center solution.

The travel and tourism industry is in constant communication with customers. As travelers book trips, change plans, hunt for deals, or check their status in a loyalty program, they expect excellent service. After all, in a competitive industry, it’s easy for a customer to move from one company to the next.

Your contact center is the heart of your customer experience and can play a critical role in whether your organization delights your existing customers or frustrates your potential ones. Selecting the right outsourced call center partner can not only improve CX, but it will also reduce your operational costs.

Our call center partners have years of experience in the travel and tourism industries and produce exceptional results. What’s more, they do it at a cost savings of up to 70%! Our travel call center agents have a deep understanding of the travel industry, often serving as virtual travel consultants for your customers.

We have helped many travel industry clients find the perfect fit to outsource call centers, including major airlines, online booking companies, hotels, resorts, travel agencies, rental companies, and more!

Make your travel agency delightful with Our cloud workstation:

  1. Air Ticketing Executive (As per ticket issue, reissue, void charge 2$ | HR 12$)
  2. Hotel & Tour Booking Executive (HR 12$)
  3. Customer Support Executive (HR 12$)
  4. Visa Assitant Executive (HR 20$)
  5. Digital Marketing & SEO Executive (HR 20$)
  6. Photoshop Designer & Video Editor (per photo 7$ + per video 14$)
  7. Development Consultant & Work (HR 50$)
  8. API, OTA, IATA Consultant (HR 50$)
  9. IATA maintenance service (Yearly 150$)
  10. OTA Manager (Monthly 150$)