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Online Travel Business Consultancy | Passive income with your OTA (Online Travel Agent )

Travel Business Consulting is the work professionals, who have well knowledge about OTA. Because nowadays all business goes through online. And a travel business depends on travel inventory – technology and solutions. All our team members have held senior-level positions within global travel companies. But our travel business consultant is highly qualified and has 2 IATA Travel Agents (Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd. and Airways Office), a travel technology and solution company(zooIT), which works with API, Whitelabel, OTA Development, and more.

He is the founder of zooFamily , So as a free, he could not able to give you free time but with an hourly Consultancy charge (150$). To operate a few businesses and run a travel community is not a joke, but a passion!  We want to provide free of charge Online Travel Business Consultancy. But as a founder of the travel community, It is quite difficult to make live conversations without charge. Because when someone expenses time on something it creates value. Our paid Consultancy will help you to develop your online travel business knowledge and will help you to make an OTA(Online Travel Agency). With your online travel agency, you can earn globally with your own payment gateway. It’s called passive income through an OTA website. OTA business is a global business, the operation of a business depends on your business module.

Through this Online Travel Business Consultancy, You Will Get the:

  • What is an OTA (Online Travel Agent)?
  • How an OTA (Online Travel Agent) works?
  • How does a travel inventory work with a travel agent or IATA?
  • What is Travel Technology & Solutions?
  • How OTA Works with travel API?
  • How you should build your career in the aviation and travel industry?
  • Who can help you to make an online travel agent?
  • How you can earn passive income globally?
  • Work facility with us as an affiliated or business partner.


Our Online Travel Business Consultancy Fee & Charges: 

We will charge for 1 class/1 hour 150$ (13000 BDT) | For local client’s payment you have to pay by bank transfer (Click here for bank details), and for international clients: you have to pay by Payoneer, PayPal(Xoom transfer), Western Union, Remitly Transfer, Google Pay, Apple Pay. Our Online Travel Business Consultancy Assitant WhatsApp & Mobile No:+8801978569299 | Click here to buy online travel business Consultancy.

zoo Info-Tech provides an airline reservation system development company, working with global airlines, GDS systems, and flight consolidators. They also offer hotel reservation systems, transfers, sightseeing, insurance, and dynamic packaging modules. We integrate several GDS, hotel consolidators, car consolidators, and cruise consolidators for travel clients. Our Travel agents Airways Office and Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd support us with inventory and API.

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OTA service Provider Bangladesh: zooFamily