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Visa Application Forms and Requirement for Bangladeshi Citizen

Visa Application Forms and Requirement for Bangladeshi Citizen

Here, you can found and download Visa Application Forms and Requirements. This is only for Bangladeshi citizens.
Besides, some of them have to collect from the embassy gate. It may take charges.
Visa Application Forms and Requirement

About Visa

A big number of Bangladeshi tourist visits in India. Also, they visit other countries too like Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Above all, mainly travelers visit these countries, not for as a tourist, but also for medical treatment too.

Usually, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China are the business place for travelers. They require a visa and visa forms.

Therefore, some visa forms can download freely from online as pdf or word format.

Some of them brought it from the embassy gate. There is an extra visa fee for the visa.

Therefore, different categories of visa charges differently such as the tourist visa, non-immigrant visa, a transit visa and more.

But remember applicants must be very careful to fill up the application forms.

Also Name, DOB and passport number need to write correctly. Sometimes we do mistakes in these places.


There are some agencies in Bangladesh where they provide Visa help.

The embassy gives the appointment of some agencies as a visa agent.

They are the dealer or visa agent from a specified country such as Australia, USA, Singapore.

Also, they have been appointing such kind of agent in Bangladesh.

Above all, they give the service charge.

However, most of their offices are in Motijheel and Gulshan diplomatic zone in Dhaka.

But India has its online visa application system.

After applying online, the traveler will have to go to the visa office to their authorized agent SBI in Dhaka.

Also, Embassy provides Transit Visa, Non-Immigrant Visa, student visa, employee visa and more.

Online Visa Application Forms

  • China–Chinese Application Form of the People Republic of China.
  • Canada–Authorized Agent is working here.
    Germany– (Guideline of Schengen Visa)
  • Indian Visa Form–Apply online.
  • Indonesian–authorized consulate website.
  • Korean Visa Form
  • Nepal-Download or collect from the embassy.
  • Hong Kong–Cathay Pacific airline gives all the support.
  • Malaysia–Need to go Malaysian embassy in Dhaka.
  • Singapore–Get the online form from the authorize consulate website.
  • Thai Visa Application Form
  • UK–Apply online
  • USA–Non-Immigrant Visa Application Forms

A list of some countries does not require a visa for a certain day.

  • Indonesia
  • Nepal
  • Bhutan–Unlimited Days
  • Srilanka 30 Days
  • Kenya–For three months
  • Haiti -For three months
  • Granada- For three months

General Requirement for Visa

Most of the visa applications you may require some documents, getting the visa. It differs from one country to another.

  • Original Passport (Passport valid for six months)
  • Passport Copy
  • Two copies of Passport-Size Photo (With White Background)
  • Visa Form
  • Voter ID Card
  • Bank Solvency Certificate
  • Bank Statement (For 6 months)
  • Invitation from the company or friends (if not a tourist visa)
  • Utility bill copies (Phone–Electricity–Water- Gas for address proof)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Employment Latter (Latter From the company)
  • Salary Certificate
  • Trade Licence
  • TIN Certificate
  • Health Insurance (For European country)
  • Wealth assessment (With proper notary)
  • Confirm air ticket (May require)
  • Hotel Booking
  • Visa fees
  • Police Certificate (If required)

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