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What Does SpyFu Do?

Regardless of your business kind and business, you’re absolute to have a quiet little bit of competition. The method you modify this competition – particularly with reference to your on-line presence – contains a ton to mention regarding your future success.

This results in a crucial question: what’re the simplest thanks to spy on your competition online?


While there are some ways of doing, therefore, SpyFu (one of our favorite SEO tools) will create your life a lot of easier. Here’s the company’s tagline:

“Download Your Competitors’ Most Profitable Keywords and Ads For Paid and Organic Search.”

In addition to your own keyword analysis, you’ll use SpyFu to higher perceive the approach that your competitors’ are taking, each with paid and organic search.

This may be simply what you wish to open your eyes to new opportunities, whereas conjointly passing your competitors at the highest of the search engines.

It starts with a quest

One of the highest edges of SpyFu is its simple use. obtaining started is as easy as typewriting your competitor’s web site into the search bar. From there, you’re given with knowledge such as:

  • Every organic ranking for each keyword
  • Every keyword they’re running on Adwords
  • Every ad variation over the past twelve years

With this data, you’ll higher perceive what your competitors do so alter your approach consequently.

The King of analysis

When it involves analysis, SpyFu is second to none. Here are the 3 classes of analysis, further as a number of the items you’ll do:

  1. PPC rival analysis
  • Adwords spy tool
  • Find rival keywords that you simply aren’t already shopping for
  • PPC negative match recommendations
  • Monitor PPC competition
  • PPC ad rank huntsman
  1. SEO rival analysis
  • Three methods of rival analysis tool
  • Keyword ranking history
  • Review rival backlinks by keyword
  • Keyword cluster analysis
  • Create elaborated reports
  1. Keyword analysis
  • Keyword grouper tool
  • Google keyword tool different
  • SERP and PPC analysis
  • Keyword ranking history
  • Adwords recommendation