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20 Freelancers who Made Nearly $10 Million

Recently they interviewed 20 Freelancers who Made Nearly $10 Million and the world’s highest paid freelancers. They’ve made close to 10 Million dollars on just Upwork alone.During these interviews they revealed all of their secrets to getting high paying clients fast. We transcribed and edited the interviews turned them into a new book called 9 Million Dollar Freelancing Secrets.

20 Freelancers Who Made Nearly $10 Million On Upwork and Fiverr Reveal Their Secrets In New Interviews.


Inside of the interviews, 20 of the World’s Highest Paid Freelancers open up their playbook and reveal their insider secrets to getting high paying clients on Upwork!
In these interviews you’ll discover: 
  • How to Land Your First Client Within Days so You Can Hit the Ground Running
  • How to Land Clients Consistently and Get Invited to High Ticket Projects On a Weekly Basis
  • How to Write Proposals That Grab Attention and Win You Interviews with Potential Clients
  • How to Close Clients on Just One 30 Minute Call so You Can Land Clients On-Demand
  • How to Avoid the Rookie Mistakes NOW so You’ll Have the Shortcut Your Path to Freelance Success
  • How to Outsource Your Work The Right Way Without Losing Quality so You Can Enjoy More Time Freedom
  • And so much more!

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Starting your own company today has become incredibly easy. In times where cloud is taking over the development world and much of the mundane tasks, it only makes sense that companies would see outsourcing as a potential increase in productivity, especially in areas that would previously be slow to catch up to the rest of the business plan.

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