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20 Small Business Ideas & Opportunity in Bangladesh 2019

If you are looking for business ideas in Bangladesh or going to start a new small business in Bangladesh you have come to the right place. In this article, I have shared 30 small yet high profitable business ideas in Bangladesh.

Now, Bangladesh is growing rapidly and this is the time to start your business. There are many small entrepreneurs who want to start their business but lacking ideas. In this article, I have tried to provide you the best business ideas that you can easily start in Bangladesh. So, here are the top 30 small business ideas in Bangladesh

1. Servant Agency

Providing servants to homes, office and private hotels is the idea. If you have management skills and willpower then you can start this business. Basically, you are providing jobs to the seekers and servants to clients. The initial cost is almost nothing but you may have to rent an office to register your company.

2. Book Store

In recent days, you will see that the demand for books is rising gradually. Apart from academic books, there are other useful books that people are loved to read. If you are a book lover like me then you should definitely start your book store. Also, books have the highest margin among other business.

3. Ticket Booking Service

Ticket booking may seem easy but not for everyone. By starting a ticket booking agency you are solving a problem for people who are unable to book tickets online. You can book tickets for bus, trains, flights etc.

4. Tea / Coffee House

Starting a tea/coffee house in a small area is a highly profitable and budget-friendly business idea. Design it like an expensive tea/coffee house but make sure the price is reasonable for customers. If you can do this, I’m sure people will come to spend quality time in your tea/coffee house.

5. Custom Gift Shop

I know how difficult to find out the right gift for someone special or for special occasions. By starting a custom gift shop you are solving a big problem. You can customize gifts for special events like birthday, anniversary, wedding gifts, parties etc.

6. Event Organize

From small to big you have to arrange everything as an event planner. The demand for this business is endless. There are many small to big events that you can arrange like birthday parties, political events, kitty parties, official events, anniversaries etc.

7. Catering Service

With the highest profit margin, this is one of my favorite business ideas on the list of 30 business ideas in Bangladesh. Different people have a different opinion about the catering business.

Let me tell you that it’s nor hard neither an easy business. Proper planning and practical experience are highly required to succeed in the catering business.

8. Mocktail Bar

Starting a mocktail bar is another hot business opportunity in Bangladesh. It’s a non-alcoholic drink made by combining different types of fruit juices or soda. Also, you can offer services to weddings, parties and other festivals to increase your income.

9. Coaching Center

Teaching is the best profession in the world if you are qualified enough. Coaching centers can be started from small to big scale. Initially, you can start it from your home and gradually you can expand and give it a proper look of a coaching center by renting a medium size room. Also, you can appoint more teachers to increase your revenue.

10. Hair Salon

Starting a hair salon is very easy and cost effective. Nowadays, men are equally paying attention toward their grooming, thus the demand for hair salon has been increased rapidly in recent years. An average hair salon earns about 1,000 to 1,500 Bangladesh taka daily.

11. Beauty Parlor

In Bangladesh, starting a beauty parlor is a wise business idea. For any women, a beauty parlor has become an essential part of their life. Keep in mind that beauty parlor high profitable and competitive business. So, before investing it’s advisable to gain some practical experience and knowledge beforehand.

12. Electronics Repair Shop

The electronics repair shop is one of the top opportunities in the list of 30 business ideas in Bangladesh. If you have knowledge and skills on the electronic field then you should definitely consider starting this business. Apart from repairing you can also electronics items to increase your income.

13. Mobile Accessories Shop

There are many shops like this but I’m talking about a shop that has almost everything related to mobile phones like charger, back cover, earphones, battery etc. This type of shops works best if there is no or less competition around you.

14. Tailoring Shop

Starting a small tailoring shop in Bangladesh is another profitable business idea. If you have knowledge and skills of sewing then good otherwise you have to hire a professional for the job. There are different tailoring sections but I recommend you to go with ladies garment tailoring for high revenue.

15. Cooking Classes

One of the best business options for home sitting ladies. If you cook delicious food then you should consider starting a cooking class. Initially, you can start giving cooking classes at your home and once you get a good number of students you can rent an apartment to expand your business.

16. Spoken English Tuition

As you know the importance of the English language is increasing gradually thus the demand for spoken English tuition’s are increasing too. If you have knowledge and expertise in the English language you can easily start your own coaching center. Also, there are many online platforms where you can teach too.

17. Life Insurance Agent

Don’t underestimate this business. Initially, you may not make much but once you build up your client base you will get about 10 to 15 percent of their EMI. Also, you can start this business alongside your job too.

18. Fast Food Shop

Food is always my friend business idea in Bangladesh. It’s an evergreen business that has no downside at all. Starting a small fast food shop near a roadside area is highly profitable.

19. Soda Shop

This is another hot business opportunity in Bangladesh. The best part of the soda shop business is that you can start it with small capital investment. I would recommend you to find out a place for your shop near a school, college, or a running road.

20. Laundry Service

Laundry service aka dry cleaning service is a highly profitable and low-cost startup idea in Bangladesh. Nowadays almost everyone is busy with their lives and do not have enough time to laundries at home thus they prefer laundry services.

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