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Information About Ceramics Industry In Bangladesh

The global ceramics industry is worth in excess of $10bn. Bangladesh is perfectly positioned to expand rapidly in this sector with its high quality:cost ratios and creative human resource base.

Sector Highlights

Thriving in this sector are tableware, sanitary ware and insulators. The country key advantages are these:

1.Technical expertise and skilled manpower in tableware and other ceramics.

2.Clean gas reserves in certain locations to fire kilns for competitive cost advantage.

3.Bangladesh ceramic tableware has a good reputation in the international markets like North America and EU countries.

4.Sanitaryware and insulators have a strong domestic demand as well as international market demand.

Industry Outlook

The global ceramic tableware industry is currently going through a phase of acquisition and consolidation as smaller firms in the developed countries are becoming uncompetitive and bankrupt. As a result, the big names like Noritake, Wedgewood, Lenox, Villeroy & Boch and Royal Doulton are all individually becoming billion-dollar operations.

Traditionally, the tableware industry is labor-intensive and companies in developed countries experience difficulties in remaining competitive. Bangladesh, being a gas-rich and low-labor-cost economy, is perfectly positioned to be a strategic partner in production and supply of ceramic products. Investment interests in this sector are strongly welcome.

Industry Status

A few ceramic tableware manufacturers dominate the industry producing high quality products for the international brands. A pool of skilled manpower has been developed. The latest technological advancements in ceramics are also being utilised. Bangladesh produces high quality bone china, transferring the technology from Japan.

Growth of Ceramic Tableware Export from Bangladesh

Year                               Amount in US$

2012-13 (July-March)    27,779,246.64

2011-12                             33,748,128.72

2010-11                            37,579,260.27

2009-10                          30,775,334.51

2008-09                         31,167,227.14

Source: Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau

Industry Incentives

The government encourages development of the Ceramics Industry sector through measures to increase productivity and production. To achieve this it provides increased credit, and facilitates greater access to inputs and modern technology.

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