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After 15 year’s angel found angelina’s letter

Dear Angelina,

Never hurt a person who loves your next life. You knew I was one of the best wishers in your life. I don’t have an idea even a person could be like this until I see you. You and me there is a lot of difference: I brought something for you. Carried two countries all the way of immigration and everywhere, waited one month when we meet I will give you, then I thought you are busy, better I will give at the gym. Called you, and you don’t pick up my call, then I bring it and gave the parcel to you. And from your side  “It’s just a react like you don’t know me”.
That day I realised, I should not love you anymore. My love is precious, and I am 1000% sure no one can’t love you like me. Instant shocked & swing my brain also. So I pertained, my love just had an “accident and dead” just like your cat. It’s so painful to forget love, but pain teaches the tolerance of life.
And you type of person doesn’t deserve love, love should die for them who seeking something else. Why you react because I bring something for you? Or I had a fault for something? Or you get a new man without commitment? Whatever you did, I learnt one thing I shouldn’t love someone like you. Because I don’t want to see 2nd Angelina in my life. After deleting you from my life whenever I come in my home I have seen every day one “glass of board” in my garage which I made for you. I felt my “love and this glass” kind of same. Both are useless part for you. Because you don’t make this glass and not even effort. That’s why it’s doesn’t have value for you. My love also the same- for you, like this “shit”(glass).
Whenever a person loves a person, it’s not mean “weakness”. It is the strength of character and depth of love. No one has the right to down a lover. Even a person could love another person, it’s not meant that person will hurt or ignore previous love.
• Every day you go to the gym and come back to the mirror, what you see? nothing…
• Every day you brush your teeth and what you see? nothing…
But we do the same thing with belief, love works the same way with a stranger: common belief, common value and thoughts. One day it’s not happed, it’s a core of the subconscious mind. I found it’s very weird and pathetic, you have seen me but you pertained- you don’t know me!  Even if it has a reason, great, but its a swing of your mind… Blood always goes like blood, It’s common in human. But I don’t have an idea about that. You open my eyes as well. So there is no need to send you this letter, but I have no choice without this letter. I have told you that I have feelings for ur mom and it’s a pain which converted into “love to hate”. It’s all about human expectation when a closer person does something unexpected! Our subconscious mind faced a swing like opposites love to hate. You know what I mean! You are smarter than my thoughts.
But the smartness is not good-dress, beauty or good English front people. It is working and supporting people. You can be famous if you try, but you can’t be smart if you are not smart. Whatever I brought something, I tried to divide and share with you. All about feelings, emotions and love. Which was covered with an unexpressed face! Whenever you receive this letter I will be so long.  Everything goes like my Kundli, and you also failed to save me. You told me to move on, and I already moved far away. But everything you messed up, which hurt me a lot. However, the moment of your “gone” that was wearied. You could make it like frame, why pathetic? And I already threw my emotional heart to the bin, for my heart Angelina had an accident and died.
Maybe she is not married type, she doesn’t believe the importance of man in women’s life. She is not afraid of her mother’s situation. She is afraid of “victim” like as- her mother! So she wants to hold her father’s situation as a girl…WoW, great choice. You taught me and opened my eyes & your thoughts out my thoughts…
Thank you, Take care.