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emergency ambulance service in Chittagong

Most of the hospitals in Chittagong have their own ambulance service to serve people in emergency moments. Besides, there are some private services who serve people in cheap price. A list of Chittagong Hospitals and their emergency ambulance services contact numbers are given below:

emergency ambulance

01.Alfa (Pvt)  Service

Contract Number:-01819327070, 01819383636,

02.Alif  Service

Contract Number:-031-657574, 01819-325060,

03.Centre Point Hospital Ltd.

Contract Number:-639025-7

04.Chittagong Health Care Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Contract Number:-652728, 653965

05.Chittagong Metropolitan Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Contract Number:-654732, 655791, 651242

06.Chittagong Poly Clinic Pvt. Ltd.

Contract Number:-650911, 656041

07.Dolphin Ambulance

Contract Number:-01819-396161

08.Holy Crescent Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Contract Number:-616001-4

09.Media Medical Service

Contract Number:-031-656666, 01711-720000

10.Medical Centre

Contract Number:-651054, 651944

11.Niramoy Clinic Pvt. Ltd.

Contract Number:-653036, 653041, 653824

12.Panaroma Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Contract Number:-619921, 613874, 630549

13.Provhati Service

Contract Number:-01815-648334, 01977850000

14.Surgiscope Pvt. Ltd.

Contract Number:-652038, 653882, 652721

15.Upasham Hospital Ltd.

Contract Number:-654051, 654230

16.Poil Hospital  Sevice

Contract Number:- 031-502024, 505021-9

17.Railway Hospital

Contract Number:- 031-502220

18.Dead Body Carrier

Contract Number:- 031-650000

19.Fire Service

Contract Number:- 031-716326-7

20.General Hospital  Service

Contract Number:- 031-619584

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