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Bangladesh Agricultural University

Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) was established as one of the public university of its kind in Bangladesh in 1961. BAU was the second highest planned public university in Bangladesh for the year 2013-2014.

BAU is the first choice of higher agricultural academic and research in the nation. The academic activities cover all the domains of agricultural sciences having direct bearing on terrestrial and aquatics productivity.

From the establishment of this university, it started the function with the college of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry at Mymensingh. Check Here for More Details.

The primary task of this university is to build up the quality and standard of higher education and to produce first-rate agricultural education and to produce first rate agriculturists, agricultural scientists and researcher for shouldering the responsibilities of agricultural development of the country.

It is a private college ordered for offering on advanced education and research in farming and the majority of its branches including behavior of examinations, conferment of degrees and conceding association.

BAU has been the key provider of gifted human capital for modernizing our national horticulture since its foundation in 1961. But then it has far to proceed. This University is to make a coordinated establishment with practical associations with applicable government associations, non-government associations, and private division firms empowering BAU to contribute definitively to farming improvement of Bangladesh. They need to be guided by three mottos importance, quality and internationalization to react to the call of a quick changing world framework.

The missions of Bangladesh Agricultural University have been to build up the workmanship and exploration of horticulture for the prosperity of humankind, and to teach agriculturists of exclusive expectations of logical, administrative and proficient ability in agreement with nature, and to impart learning and aptitudes to world accomplices.

Information at a Glance

        Bangladesh Agricultural University
Motto Knowledge, Efficiency, Moral Character
Type Public university
Established 18 August 1961
Endowment Tk. 1.394 billion for 2013–14
Chancellor President Abdul Hamid
Vice-Chancellor Ali Akbar
Administrative staff About 2,700
Students ~5400
Undergraduates ~4300
Postgraduates ~1150
Doctoral students ~50
Location Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Campus Rural, 1261 acre active area
Colors Blue and gold
Nickname BAU
Website bau.edu.bd

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