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Before Getting Married A Person Should Know About Marriage!

Before Getting Married A Person Should Know About Marriage!

You’re in love and you’re engaged, you’re single but are you really ready for married life? Actually, first, you need to know what is marriage. A marriage is a legal agreement between two people as partners in a personal relationship. So a marriage agreement is followed by the exact country law and religious law. So before getting married a person should observe conditional and unconditional situations he/she belongs to:

Conditional Situations:

  1. Country rules of marriage: A lot of countries people not getting married because of rules, when a person gets married the person come into the equality of country law. (And we all know the law has positive and negative side effects)
  2. Religious rules of marriage: Different religions follow different rules, So it depends also on which rules are following as per your religion.
  3. Financial Strength: It is very necessary for a person when you are thinking about marriage. Because to think about an opposite person and depend on someone is worse.

Unconditional Situations:

  1. Expectation:  A lot of relationships build up with expectations, it is a bad sign of features and relationships. So avoid expectations.
  2. Emotions: What are emotions? it’s compaction of love, which is necessity to build a relationship.
  3. Generation Buildup: People marriage for generation buildup, If you are a responsible person and want to see your baby then you should marry soon.

Nowadays people do things for a purpose, security, and their own business. So before getting into marriage be simple, never expect anything at all.

5 Important Marriage Tips:

  1. Be good friends. Don’t marry a stranger and hope you’ll become compatible over time. Start with a solid foundation of love, shared values, common interests, and trust.
  2. Don’t expect your partner to change. People do change, but not in predictable ways. So if your partner has a drug problem, assume he’ll always have one. Suppose you’re marrying someone with a drug problem, not someone who will, with time, stop taking drugs, and ask if you can live with that. If she doesn’t want children, assume she’ll always not want children. If he has a temper, assume he’ll always have a temper.
  3. Communicate consistently and communicate about everything. Make sure you can honestly discuss sex, money, children, in-laws, careers, politics, and religion. These are the contentious subjects that can drive uncommunicative couples apart. 
  4. Value partnership. If this isn’t a high value for both of you, you’re in trouble. Your marriage will have a better chance of success if you’re both committed to fixing problems and if you both think of all problems as shared problems.
  5. Live together for at least a year before you get married. Make sure you’re compatible roommates and make sure you’re sexually compatible.

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